Don't Forget These Travel Beauty Essentials in 2020

Hanalei Travel Beauty Essentials

It’s no secret that traveling has changed this year, which means your packing list probably has too! When you’re prepping for your first trip this year, it’s important to keep in mind self-care, as well as care for others. Getting on a plane may seem daunting at first, but the truth is, there are definitely ways to make yourself and those around you feel safe, while you travel. Our Sasha Travel Beauty Essential Set has everything you need for that eventual first trip. These are our travel essentials for that first trip you take this year.

Don’t Forget A Cute Face Mask

Of course, we’re used to carrying our masks everywhere these days, but when you’re traveling, you of course want to look cute! In our Sasha Travel Set, you’ll find a beautiful, reusable cotton face mask in our Island-inspired plumeria/floral print made of locally sourced fabric, so that you can look your cutest while staying safe, and caring for those around you.

plumeria floral print face mask

A Glossy but Moisturizing Lip Treatment

Even though you’ll be covering your mouth most of the time, it’s always a plus to feel your best! In our Sasha Travel Set, you’ll receive a full sized Lip Treatment from Hanalei in clear, so that you can keep your lips nice and moisturized, even on a dry airplane. This glossy lip treatment is also great for looking your best when you’re finally in an area where you can safely social distance.

Travel Friendly Powder Face Cleanser

Perfect for travel, our Papaya Enzyme Powder Face Cleanser is great for popping in a carry-on! It comes in a convenient travel-sized container and includes natural Papaya Enzyme, as well as Hawaiian Noni, which is great for moisturizing while you wash. This powder face cleanser is the ideal exfoliator you’ve been looking for, making it possible to feel amazing, even when you’ve been on a long plane ride.

Hanalei Papaya Face Wash in a travel set

A Grab-n-Go Makeup Bag

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when traveling, especially when it comes to figuring out where all your stuff is. A grab-n-go makeup bag makes it easy to know exactly where all of your makeup and skincare products are at all times, and you’ll find one in our Sasha Travel Set. This cotton zippered pouch is made from all natural cotton and zips closed for convenient carrying of all your travel essentials.

Moisturizing Lotion Under 3.4 oz

When you fly or even drive for a long time, it’s common for your skin to start to feel really dry. Thankfully, our Kukui Body Lotion comes in the Sasha Travel Pack and is made for adding naturally hydrating moisture fast. Kukui Oil is a beautiful natural Hawaiian botanical and moisturizer that’s sure to be your skin’s new best friend, and in this convenient 3.4 oz container, you won’t have to worry about if it can be a carry-on fave!

Travel sized body lotion by Hanalei

Traveling is something we’re all looking forward to doing again, but it’s important to do it right, and add that cute face mask to the mix so that you can be cute, comfy, and safe! And when you combine that face mask with the other items in this special travel set, you can ensure that you’re all ready to explore the world again, one step at a time.

buy Hanalei Beauty Essentials Travel Set

About the author:

Halle Homel is currently based in Southern California, where she spends her time with her family and dog, Josey when she’s not traveling. She spends her free time exploring new places, practicing yoga, and working on her blog, Halle’s Wandering Soul. Follow her on Instagram @halleswanderingsoul

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