Beaded Bracelets

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Style: Turquoise

Each bracelet is made of 10mm semi-precious stones with a double elastic band. 

      • Rose Quartz is a powerful healing stone that symbolizes universal love. It purifies and opens the heart to promote self-love, inner healing and peace.
      • Aquamarine has calming, soothing, and healing properties that inspires truth and helps us let go. It helps to wash away stress and fear, replacing it with peace and tranquility.
      • White Turquoise is a protective stone that is linked to life-giving elements water and air. It protects the wearer from negative energy and forces.  It is believed to bring good luck when it reflects the light of the new moon. 
      • White Porcelain Opal is associated with love and passion.  It brings loyalty and faithfulness.  It also helps people tap into their imagination and creativity, and releases negative energy and improves memory.
      • Chalcedony helps to balance the mind, body, emotions and spirit.  It helps energy flow throughout the body to promote a sense of ease, and it has a calming effect. 
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