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Title: Cacao Ceremony Kit

 Item - Cacao Ceremony Kit

- Chocolate Loose Leaf Tea (8oz) )

- Brewing Chocolate  (9oz)

- Cacao Powder (8oz) 

Enjoy three styles of drinking chocolates to complement your choice of traditional spices like cardamom, cayenne, and cinnamon. See brewing instructions for each drinking chocolate below:  

Chocolate Loose Leaf Tea - This tea is refreshing and light, and is served great hot or ice. Use a French press or herbal tea infuser. Steep the tea for 1 minute in hot water and strain to serve. We recommend brewing this tea with other loose leaf chamomile, rose, green tea, etc.  

Brewing Chocolate - This beverage brewed just like coffee grounds using a percolator or French Press. You can also try it as a cold brew. The flavor is is hearty, earthy, rich, and pairs great with chai spices. 

Cacao Powder - Whisk cacao powder in with steamed milk or boiling hot water slowly.  Add spices and a sweeteners like honey or sugar to your taste. Enjoy this healthy hot drinking chocolate.  

Item - Spread the Aloha!

A set of two Chocolate Macadamia Nut Spreads (9oz) 

Shelf Life - 6 Months

Do Not Refrigerate

100% Hawaii grown Macadamia Nuts are mixed lusciously with locally roasted Mānoa Chocolate cacao nibs to create a smooth chocolatey spread. It's like a Hawaiian version of Nutella - enjoy with dried fruit, bananas, baked goods and toast!  


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