How Do You Use Kukui Oil Sugar Body Scrub?

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You’ve probably heard about sugar scrub before but you may wonder what is it and how do I use the kukui oil sugar body scrub by Hanalei Company? Exfoliating is one of the best things you can do for your skin, and this doesn’t just go for your face. When you exfoliate, you’ll be scrubbing away that pesky dry skin, allowing for more moisture to seep in, and more hydration to happen naturally. When it comes to exfoliating your whole body, there’s only one product that you should turn to: Hanalei’s Kukui Oil Sugar Body Scrub. This body scrub uses local Hawaiian botanicals such as sugar cane to create the perfect exfoliating product for you and your skin, and there are plenty of benefits to be gained. So, where do you start with exfoliating your skin? What can you gain from it? We’re here to answer all of your questions so that exfoliating using our sugar body scrub is as sweet as sugar.

What is a sugar scrub?

A sugar scrub is a product specifically made for exfoliation. It helps to exfoliate your dry skin, and reduces and uneven texture while it does so. Because it scrubs the dry skin away, it then also helps to relieve any dry skin and restore moisture. To use, simply massage it into your damp skin while in the shower, in circular motions before rinsing. Believe us, your skin will thank you for it!

Body Sugar Scrub by Hanalei Company with Hawaiian Sugar Cane

What are the benefits of using a sugar body scrub?

There are so many benefits you can gain when you use a sugar body scrub. The most notable is the exfoliation and reduced dry skin, but you’ll also gain plenty of moisturizing benefits, as the other ingredients in the scrub, such as Hawaiian kukui oil hydrate the new skin after the dry skin has been removed.

What makes Hanalei’s sugar body scrub different?

Hanalei specializes in skincare that uses pure and local Hawaiian botanicals as ingredients. This means that the sugar in the sugar body scrub isn’t just sugar, and the oil isn’t just oil. In Hanalei’s sugar body scrub, you’ll find Hawaiian botanicals such as Maui cane sugar, and kukui oil. These ingredients have special exfoliating and moisturizing benefits for your skin that you simply won’t find anywhere else, in any other skincare line. On top of that, our sugar body scrub is cruelty-free, so you can feel good in your skin and feel good about your choices as a consumer. This is what sets Hanalei’s apart, and allows us to provide products that have only the maximum benefits for your skin.

Hanalei Company uses kukui oil in their sugar body scrub

How often should you use sugar scrub?

Sugar scrub is something that you should use simply as often as you feel like you need to. This is a great product to use when your skin is feeling dry and flaky, or if you’re looking for a little extra moisture in your life. It’s also a great idea to use the sugar scrub before self-tanning, or if you want to remove patchy self-tanner. This is a great and healthy way to fix any mistakes and make sure your skin is looking flawless.

Should I moisturize afterward?

After using our Kukui Oil Sugar Body Scrub, it’s always a good idea to moisturize. While it helps to moisturize your skin, it also removes your dry skin, so this is one of the best times to moisturize—you’ll be more than ready to re-hydrate your skin! When you use Hanalei’s Kukui Oil Body Lotion to moisturize after using the body scrub, you’ll be able to gain the ultimate benefits you can from a moisturizer. It helps to seal in the moisture from the kukui oil in the exfoliator, allowing your skin to be its ultimate hydrated self!

Kukui Oil Moisturizing Body Lotion by Hanalei Company

Did you know that we also make a Kukui Oil Sugar Lip Scrub?

Now that you’ve fallen in love with our Kukui Oil Sugar Body Scrub, you might love to know that Hanalei also makes a Kukui Oil Sugar Lip Scrub. This sugar lip scrub works similarly to the Kukui Oil Sugar Body Scrub in that it works to exfoliate your lips with turbinado sugar crystals, but it also moisturizes with Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil and shea butter as well as helping to restore your lips’ hydration with essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C, and E, leaving your lips feeling as silky smooth as the rest of your skin.

Hanalei Company Kukui Oil Sugar Lip Scrub in Box

Exfoliating your skin with Kukui Oil Sugar Body Scrub will leave your skin looking and feeling its absolute best. Sugar Body Scrub works to exfoliate your dry skin, allowing for it to become naturally hydrated by the kukui oil in the scrub. It then allows your skin to better absorb other moisturizers, like Hanalei’s Kukui Oil Body Lotion. When you exfoliate, your skin will thank you immensely, and your entire body will feel silky smooth and touchably soft as you move throughout your day.


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