How We Give

Beyond our vision of sharing Hawaii’s best kept beauty secrets with the world, we are passionate about working with Hawaii’s socioeconomically disadvantaged youth and bringing out their best potential. 

We are a proud partner of the homegrown AKAMAI foundation, a non-profit organization committed to cultivating highly skilled and experienced individuals for today’s highly-competitive job market. With a focus on women, Native Hawaiians, and other minorities from socioeconomically distressed communities across the State of Hawaii, the foundation equips selected students with intense training, mentoring, networking, and a commitment to excellence; immersing them in real-world learning experiences and priming them for increased future employment opportunities. 

The AKAMAI foundation has trained more than 750 students from 22 schools across 6 of the 7 main Hawaiian Islands since 2009. We at Hanalei, are thrilled and honored to donate a portion of our proceeds towards this great, life-changing initiative.

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