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We create gentle, restorative skincare products, inspired by Hawaii’s lush, tropical landscape and native botanicals, infusing everything we do with the spirit of Aloha. Made with treasured island ingredients ranging from pressed kukui oil, aloe, papaya, and raw cane sugar, our unique formulations are perfect for everyday use and gentle enough for any skin type.

Our simple skincare is a reflection of Hawaii and its healing botanicals. It is our joy to share the experience of Hawaii with you wherever you live and to bring out your individual beauty.

Hanalei products are always 100% cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and sulfate-free.

Hanalei is located on the North Shore of the Hawaiian Island of Kauaʻi and is renowned for its spectacular beauty. Hanaleiʻs pouring rains support lush forested valleys, an ecosystem where life thrives.
The rainwaters of Hanalei feed streams that nurture a vast plain of tropical landscape and native botanicals. Legends say that it was in Hanalei Valley that the first rainbow was created by the Hawaiian goddess, Anuenue. From this, Hanalei gets its name, “lei valley” or “crescent bay”, because like a colorful lei that wraps around the ocean, Hanalei’s rainbows can be seen around the crescent bay.

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