With the Spirit of Aloha

Our story

Our Story is

a Love Story

First we fell in love, then we fell in love with Hawaii. It is an unlikely place to find two entrepreneurs from New York City, but Vira spent his teen years in Oahu, traveled the world and was drawn back. When we went back to Hawaii and traveled the other Hawaiian islands, I knew immediately why he felt this way upon experiencing Hanalei for the first time. We were not born in Hawaii, but today it is our home and where we created Hanalei - Island-Powered beauty that loves every skin type.

Island life is now every day life, but we are still in awe of the rainbow-filled skies over the Nu’uanu Valley, gem-toned sunsets on the Ko'olau mountains and the lushness all around us. As beauty innovators living in one of the most biodiverse places in the world, we were inspired by the richness of the land and the way that Hawaiians harness and honor their resources. We partnered with these experts to create modern skincare products that blend native Hawaiian botanicals into effective formulas. Our Aloha Nui Nutrient Complex marries three of these super botanicals with skincare actives proven to restore, hydrate and balance.

Each Hanalei product we make is our way of sharing our love for this island paradise with you.