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If you’re trying to get healthier looking skin, but you’re new to skincare, you might feel a little lost when it comes to actually finding products and methods that work for you. Striving for healthy, natural skincare is a great step in the right direction, but what ingredients and products should you actually be using on your skin to have it glowing and feeling its best? Here at Hanalei, we specialize in healthy skin tips, and products that use all natural, Hawaiian botanicals as their ingredients. This will help you figure out exactly the healthy skin regimen you need so that you can truly let your skin thrive.

Kukui nut oil for skin

Check the ingredients!

Ingredients have so much more to do with healthy skin than you think they do. Looking for products with all natural and local ingredients will have your skin smiling ear to ear! We love to use Hawaiian botanicals in our products, focusing on ingredients that will naturally allow your skin to glow! We love kukui nut oil for hydration, papaya enzyme for brightness, cane sugar for exfoliation, and even Hawaiian coffeeberry to wake your skin up!

Hawaiian botanicals skincare ingredients

Make sure you’re exfoliating!

Exfoliation is one of our best healthy skin tips for anyone trying to get healthier-looking skin ASAP! Exfoliation is one of those techniques that everyone’s heard of, but not everyone’s tried. We love it, because it helps dry and dead skin to be buffed away, making room for healthy, beneficial ingredients that can hydrate your skin, bring out your best traits, and help your skin to do its very best! Our favorite exfoliating products are our Sugar Lip Scrub, Sugar Body Scrub, and Papaya Enzyme Powder Face Cleanser.

Hanalei Papaya Enzyme Face Cleanser

Wash your face regularly!

Some face washes can be used daily, and some only need to be used every few days. If you’re using an exfoliating face wash, like our Papaya Enzyme Powder Face Cleanser, you only need to use this every 3 days or so. If you’re using a gentle face wash, like our Aloe E Hawaiian Face Cleanser, feel free to use this daily to help your skin be its absolute best self!

Want to add some hydrating face wash to your routine as well? Try our Aloe E Face Cleanser!

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