How to Get Rid of Dead Skin on Your Body

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Dead and dry skin can be such a drag when it comes to feeling confident in your body, and in the summer months, you’re so much more prone to dry skin due to the humidity in the air being lower in certain parts of the world. Not to mention sunburns, saltwater, and pools working extra hard to dry out your skin. We love to work with natural ingredients, to help your skin feel the absolute best. 

What should I do to get rid of dead skin?

Getting rid of dead skin is as easy as exfoliation! Exfoliation is a great way to buff away dry and dead skin, which allows hydrating and healing products to have full access to your skin. It’s great to exfoliate your whole body, including your face regularly, about 3 times a week in the shower, so that dry and dead skin is constantly being shed from your body, and making room for new, healthy skin.

 Hanalei Sugar Body Scrub

What products are best for exfoliation?

We love our sugar body scrub for all over exfoliation. It makes it super easy to exfoliate, using Hawaiian cane sugar to buff away dry and dead skin. It also utilizes kukui nut oil to add a natural moisturizer to your exfoliation process, allowing your skin to immediately absorb a nourishing and hydrating oil.

Body scrub for dead skin

How should I rehydrate my skin?

It’s super important after exfoliating to moisturize your skin. Make sure that every time you exfoliate, you’re following up with a natural and lightweight moisturizer. Our favorite is our kukui body lotion, which uses kukui nut oil to create a naturally hydrating moisturizer for your skin, and is safe to use all over the body. If you’re exfoliating your face, use a moisturizer that won’t clog pores, like our Island Aloe Gel, instead.

Want to add some moisture to your face too? Try our new Makai Marine Face Moisturizer!

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that results from this product may vary. Use only as directed, and always consult a dermatologist before beginning any new skincare regimen. Stop and discontinue use if any irritation lasts longer than a few days.

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