How To Remove Self Tanner Before You Reapply

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Hanalei is giving you step by step instructions on the best way to remove self-tanner before you reapply. With the weather cooling down, it’s likely that you’ll be reaching for your favorite self-tanner so that you can keep up that golden summer look, even in the cooler months. Our Self Tanning Mousse in Violent Dark is ideal for getting the smooth and even color you want, but it’s not good to layer it on top of itself. Before you reapply, it’s super important to naturally remove as much of your last application as possible before you put on more. But perhaps you haven’t used this product before, or you’re nervous about trying new methods to get that bronzy glow —either way, we’ve put together our best tips and we’re here to help!

Exfoliation Is The Key To Removing Self Tanner Effectively

When trying to remove it before your next application, exfoliation is the most important step. And that goes with any faux tanner, even our Self Tanning Mousse. Exfoliation simply removes the top layer of skin so that you can shed any dead or dry skin, excess tanner, and oils before you apply a new product. This allows for complimenting products like moisturizer (we love our moisturizing Kukui Body Lotion for this) and self-tanner to sink in for the best benefits. The best way to exfoliate is to use our Sugar Body Scrub to buff away all that gunk you’re trying to shed. This will allow it to sink in beautifully for a perfect shade that says “straight off the beach,” even in the middle of winter!

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Remove Self-tanner On The Face With Gentle Exfoliators

It’s likely that you’ll want to apply some tan to your face as well so that you can have an all-over glow that’s evenly applied, but when it comes time to reapply, and you want to exfoliate, it’s important to do so in a gentle way so that your face doesn’t get irritated. One of our favorite ways to exfoliate is by using one of our powder face cleansers. Our Papaya Enzyme Powder Face Cleanser is ideal for this and allows you to scrub away dry skin and old tanner while you wash your face.

Now It’s Time To Re-apply —Use A Good Moisturizer

Now that you’ve exfoliated your entire body, it’s time to finally reapply! Before you actually apply more Self Tanning Mousse, make sure you use your favorite moisturizer so that your skin can easily absorb in a way that allows it to stay on evenly. Our favorite moisturizer is our Kukui Body Lotion, and it’s crucial to apply extra on your elbows, knees, and ankles, so that it can sit evenly, instead of getting darker in these generally drier areas.

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For An Even Tan Use A Mitt To Apply

Our Self Tanning Mousse is easy to apply. Apart from its lightweight formula, it goes on easy when you use the mitt to apply! This machine-washable applicator is perfect for smoothing the mousse all over your skin without creating streaks, unevenness, or dark spots and it keeps your hands clean!

Moisturize  To Make Your Tan Stay Fresh Longer

Once you let your self-tanning mousse sink in, and rinse it in the shower, it’s time to think about how to get it to stay for the maximum amount of time! Moisturizing regularly with Kukui Body Lotion is a fantastic way to give your skin natural moisture and lock that tan in place, so that you don’t have to reapply as often, and can stay looking beachy keen as long as possible.

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Self Tanning Mousse doesn’t have to be intimidating! There are just a few easy steps to being able to maintain a natural-looking tan all autumn and winter so that you can look like you’ve just left your favorite Hawaiian Island, even if you’re somewhere snowy and cold.

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