How To Use Body Lotion After Your Shower

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Hot showers can feel amazing, but your skin doesn’t necessarily love them as much as you do. Hot showers can dry skin out, and fast, but don’t worry, you don’t have to give up unwinding in a hot shower at the end of the day. There is plenty you can do to help your skin feel its best, so that you can be confident throughout your day, without the pain of super dry skin. After any hot shower, we love to use our Kukui Body Lotion, a natural moisturizer that uses kukui oil to hydrate dry skin.

Are you Supposed to Put Body Lotion on After A Shower?

Adding body lotion to your after-shower routine is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body. Skin is not only more likely to dry out after a hot shower, but when your pores are open after the shower, you’ll be able to soak up the benefits of a beautiful moisturizing lotion like our Kukui Body Lotion.

Body lotion after shower

When Is The Best Time to use Body Lotion?

Body lotion is amazing for dry skin, anytime you think you need it, but if you’re trying to add our Kukui Body Lotion to your daily routine, after a shower is the best time to apply your lotion. This is the time your pores are the most open, so you’ll be able to moisturize in a way that feels good, before your skin completely dries.

Is It Better To Put Lotion On Wet or Dry Skin?

It’s best to apply lotion when your skin is right in between wet and dry, or… damp! Damp skin is perfect for absorbing product, so as long as your skin is clean, damp skin is the perfect conditions for applying our Kukui Body Lotion.

Hanalei Kukui Body Lotion

Do You Wash Off Body Lotion?

It’s best to allow body lotion to sink in completely, so that your skin can remain hydrated throughout the day or night. Washing it off may result in dry skin, regardless of if you put lotion on already, so let it sit, so that you can feel super hydrated after.

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