Our Favorite Winter Skincare Routines

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Winter brings a drastic change in weather from what we’re used to the rest of the year, and with a change in weather, it’s important to implement a change in your skincare routine too. Skincare is our specialty, no matter what time of year it is, and we love to incorporate beautiful Hawaiian botanicals to keep the nutrients we all need in our routines all year long. But, how should you adjust your skincare routine to compliment the change in weather? Let’s dive into our favorite ways to adjust your skincare routine for winter, so you can glow all year long.

Winter body scrub

Make sure you’re exfoliating

Winter air means dry skin, especially dry lips. It’s important to make sure you’re exfoliating your whole body, so that you can remove any dry skin and make room for important nutrients and vitamins that your skin needs. For lips, we love our sugar lip scrub, which uses Hawaiian cane sugar and kukui oil to buff away dry skin and add hydration.

For your body, we recommend our Sugar Body Scrub, which works in a similar way, buffing away dry skin with cane sugar, and replenishing your skin with kukui oil. For the face, we love exfoliating with our Powder Face Cleansers. We carry a Papaya Enzyme Powder Face Cleanser for brightening and rejuvenating, and a Charcoal Powder Face Cleanser for detoxing. We recommend exfoliating 3-4 times a week, to keep your skin feeling fresh as ever!

Face cleanser for Winter

Always replenish with hydration

If you’re regularly exfoliating, it’s suggested that you always add a healthy amount of hydration back to your skin. This helps your skin to bounce back after exfoliating and removing dead and dry skin.

For the lips, we love our Lip Treatments for extra hydration because you can leave it on overnight or throughout your day to help your lips retain moisture long term. For the body, we love our Kukui Body Lotion, which is lightweight and the perfect follow-up to a full body sugar scrub.

For your face, we recommend anything aloe! On the days where you aren’t using an exfoliating cleanser, we recommend that you use our Aloe E Face Cleanser, which can add moisture to your skin simply by washing your face. After exfoliating, we love our Island Aloe Gel for replenishing hydration. Another great option for adding hydration to your face is our Makai Marine Hawaiian Face Moisturizer, which uses kukui oil, Hawaiian spirulina, and coffee berry fruit extract to help replenish your skin with everything it needs to absolutely glow.

Kona Peptide Eye Cream

Add an eye cream to your routine

It’s never too early to start incorporating an eye cream into your skincare routine, and we have one you’re just going to love. Our Kona Peptide Eye Cream is fantastic for helping your skin to bounce back quicker by reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. This is the perfect Hawaiian product to incorporate if you’re trying to hone in on your skincare routine this season.

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Want to keep your lips replenished no matter where you are this winter? Try our Kukui Lip Balm!

Winter Skincare favorites

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