Tips For Applying Self-Tanning Mousse

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Hanalei Company is bringing you the best tips for applying self-tanning mousse. Autumn is here, which means the sun is hiding behind the clouds a little bit more than usual these days. The good news is, the days of pale winter skin are over—it’s time to look like you’ve just gotten home from a tropical beach vacation all year long. With our Self Tan Mousse in Violet Dark, you can easily gain a deep golden tone perfect for any time of year.

How do you apply self-tanning mousse?

Applying our Violet Dark Self Tanning Mousse is so easy, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t tried it yet! To start glowing in no time, gently exfoliate your skin first (we recommend using our moisturizing Sugar Body Scrub for this step), and then apply the mousse with the Application Mitt in long, circular motions. Our main tip is to avoid applying too much around the elbows, knees, and ankles. After letting it set for up to 8 hours, rinse off in a warm shower.

Hanalei Self-Tanning Mouse & Sugar Body Scrub

Can you apply it to your face?

You might be thinking: but I want an all-over natural tan! The good news is, this mousse is totally safe for your beautiful face. It’s perfectly lightweight, so it won’t feel heavy to wear all day while it sets, and it has a fast-drying formula, so you can still go about your day before you take that rinse! Just make sure you exfoliate your skin first with one of our Powder Face Cleansers and it’s not a bad idea to mix it with a little of your favorite face moisturizer for an even smooth application!

How long will it last?

Our self-tanning mousse is truly meant to last a long time. While everyone’s skin is different, and the way you apply it might be different from how your friend does, it’s easy to get your self-tan to last longer with just a few adjustments to your routine. The first thing that helps your tan last longer is exfoliating before applying the self-tanner. This helps your skin absorb as much of it as possible. Another amazing tip for getting that golden glow to skin is to use a good moisturizing lotion after it’s set so that you keep your skin healthy and naturally glowing, and it’s able to better hold onto your tan!

Hanalei Self-tanning tips and tricks

What is the best way to not get streaks?

So many people shy away from self-tanners because they’re worried about streaks, or concerned that the natural glow they’re going for will turn out to look anything but natural. The good news is, our mousse is streak-free when you apply it using our Applicator Mitt. This Mitt is machine washable and helps to get a smooth application that you may not get from spray tans or applying it directly with your hands.

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When the weather gets colder, we start looking for ways to stay summer beautiful all year long, and with our Self Tanning Mousse in Violet Dark, you’ll be able to harness the power of complementary violet tones for a perfect natural deep glow that’s sure to help you feel confident all year long!

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