Top 8 Ways to Get an Even Fake Tan That Lasts

 Hanalei Company model at the beach - top 7 ways to get an even fake tan that lasts

Fake sun warriors unite! Hanalei is bringing you the top 8 ways to get an even fake tan that lasts. Winter is coming to an end, and that means it’s time to start showing some skin again. But you might be wanting to look your summer best, even before the sun starts to show its face. Fake tanning is just the solution you’ve been looking for to bring out that natural summer warmth. You might have tons of questions before you jump into the world of fake tanning for the first time, so here are Hanalei’s top 8 tips for getting that perfect fake tan that lasts.

1. Is it best to exfoliate before fake tanning?

Exfoliating before tanning is a fantastic way to get your fake tan to stick. When you get rid of that dead skin, your fake tan will be able to work its magic without growing flaky or uneven. One of the best ways to ensure that your skin is properly exfoliated is to use Hanalei’s Sugar Body Scrub. This product contains the natural exfoliant of Maui cane sugar and works to exfoliate your dry skin while reducing any unevenness. This is a great and healthy way to relieve dry skin and will prep your skin for that perfect fake tan quickly and easily.

 Hanalei Company Sugar Body Scrub used to exfoliate before self-tanning

2. Should you moisturize before fake tanning?

Yes! It’s not only best to moisturize before fake tanning, but it’s also best to moisturize after exfoliating, which makes Hanalei’s Kukui Body Lotion the perfect partner to the Sugar Body Scrub. When you exfoliate, you’re allowing room for moisture to lock in, making this the perfect opportunity to moisturize. When you moisturize before fake tanning, you’re getting rid of any dry spots, which can help you avoid dark or uneven spots when you apply the tanner.

3. How do I get an even application?

The true trick to getting your fake tan to look even is to use both of the methods described above. When you exfoliate and moisturize, you’re making sure that your skin is totally even, which will allow for the tanner to absorb perfectly, avoiding dark spots, splotches, and dry areas.

4. Is it true that you need to moisturize extra on certain body parts?

While it’s important to moisturize your entire body before self-tanning, especially if you have particularly dry skin, there are certain areas that need a little extra love. Your hands, feet, elbows, and knees tend to be a bit drier. Drier skin can hold onto tanner far easier, so if you have dry skin, you might be more prone to uneven tanning. Make sure you use a little extra Kukui Body Lotion on these areas to ensure that your tan looks even.

Kukui Oil moisturizing body lotion by Hanalei Company

5. How do I keep it from looking streaky?

The number one way to prevent your fake tan from looking streaky is to exfoliate. When you use Hanalei’s Sugar Body Scrub, you’re getting rid of those uneven bits of skin that can make your tan uneven and streaky. It’s also important that you keep your hands clean while applying the fake tanner, and shave well before so that you can keep that tan as evenly colored as you possibly can.

6. Can I self-tan my face?

When it comes to getting an even self-tan all over your body, including your face, you might hit a few bumps in the road. It’s easy to accidentally make your face too dark, so it’s recommended that you use a different self-tanner for your face than the one you use on your body, but if you don’t want to risk it,

Hanalei has just the solution for you. A great way to get a natural-looking self-tan on your face is to use Hanalei’s Bronzer. This matte bronzer works to naturally make it look like you’ve been spending time in the sun, and can help you define your cheekbones as well. This is a great way to bring out natural beauty and warmth, even if the sun hasn’t quite returned for the summer yet.

Hanalei Company Matte Bronzer For Warming Up Your Complexion

7. How often should I self-tan?

The trick to getting the color you’re going for is to apply your self-tanner often till you reach your desired shade. This means applying it either every day or every other day so until you reach your desired color, and then as often as you feel you need to maintain it. This of course, also means taking good care of your skin throughout the process, and the best way to do so is lotion, lotion, and more lotion!

8. What’s the best way to remove self-tanner?

The most effective way to remove self-tanner is actually one of the first steps to applying self-tanner: exfoliate! Using Hanalei’s Sugar Body Scrub will help to slowly and effectively remove your self-tanner while helping to benefit your skin at the same time.

Hanalei Company Exfoliating Body Scrub

When it comes to self-tanning, there are tons of questions that likely come to mind so that you can get your desired results. Whether you’re concerned about streaks, uneven tanning, or dry skin, Hanalei has a solution for you that will help you to self-tan with confidence and get ready for that upcoming warm season.

About the author:

Halle Homel is currently based in Southern California, where she spends her time with her family and dog, Josey when she’s not traveling. She spends her free time exploring new places, practicing yoga, and working on her blog, Halle’s Wandering Soul. Follow her on Instagram @halleswanderingsoul




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