What Are Botanical Ingredients?

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You’ve probably heard the phrase but you may be wondering what are botanical ingredients? Natural skincare is only gaining popularity in the sphere of modern beauty. This is largely due to the fact that consumers are simply becoming more aware of what they’re purchasing. This has made natural skincare move from the periphery of popularity into the mainstream. More and more customers now prefer to purchase natural products that include ingredients known as botanicals, as they’re more naturally beneficial to our skin. This is what sets Hanalei Company apart. Hanalei Company prides itself on the use of local Hawaiian botanicals as the main ingredients for skincare products. But what exactly are botanical ingredients? How can they improve your skin and change your skincare routine for the better?

What Are Botanical Ingredients and How Do They Benefit Me?

First things first, it’s important to know what exactly botanical ingredients are. What sets them apart from products that simply label themselves as “natural?” Well, the main difference is that botanical ingredients in skincare and cosmetics are not just natural ingredients. “Natural” can mean anything, but “botanical” specifically relates to plants. Botanical ingredients are those that are directly derived from plants. For Hanalei’s products, this specifically refers to local Hawaiian plants. Hanalei makes sure to incorporate Hawaiian botanical extracts in each of their products, using the plants of the islands to display the inspiration Hanalei draws from the Hawaiian connection with nature.

Hanalei Company Botanical Plants

What Is A Botanical Extract?

A botanical extract is directly derived from plants. This is only slightly different from the use of botanical ingredients. Botanical extracts are created soaking the botanical in a liquid that’s able to retrieve certain chemicals or beneficial parts of the plant to be used in a product. Hanalei uses extracts from a variety of Hawaiian botanicals in their products to help bring out the most beneficial parts of the botanicals they love to feature.

What Botanical Ingredients Does Hanalei Company Use?

By now, it’s clear that Hanalei puts ingredients first, making sure that they put their island botanicals front and center. There are four main botanicals Hanalei Company uses in their products: Hawaiian kukui nut oil, Hawaiian sugar cane, Hawaiian noni, and papaya enzyme. These botanicals provide a wide array of skincare benefits. Each botanical serves a specific purpose and is used in its own selection of products.

Hanalei Company Papaya Fruit

Are Botanicals Good For The Skin?

Botanicals are amazing for your skin. Each botanical provides its own unique benefits, which is why Hanalei Company uses them across all of their skincare products, allowing their products to include only the best ingredients so that you can produce only the best benefits.

One of the most common botanicals you’ll find in Hanalei’s products is the Hawaiian kukui nut oil. The kukui nut is incredibly significant to Hawaiians, symbolizing renewal, and traditionally, every part of the kukui tree was used. Today, Hanalei prefers to use kukui nut oil in their skincare products due to the skincare benefits that are naturally derived from the plant, treating sunburns, rashes, and dryness. Kukui nut oil is used in a lot of Hanalei’s moisturizing products, from their popular Lip Treatment to their Kukui Body Lotion.

Hawaiian noni is another one of Hanalei’s most common botanical. A traditional Hawaiian medicinal ingredient, noni is now used because of its antioxidants, which allow it to provide tons of benefits, from moisturizing to anti-aging. Noni is used in Hanalei’s Papaya Enzyme Powder Face Cleanser and Island Aloe Gel.

Speaking of papaya enzyme, Hanalei uses papaya in a wide variety of their products, specifically the Papaya Enzyme Powder Face Cleanser and Island Aloe Gel. Papaya has great benefits, and Hanalei specifically uses it in products that brighten skin, moisturize, and reduce wrinkles.

The last Hawaiian botanical Hanalei loves to use is Hawaiian sugar cane. Hawaiian sugar cane is a common botanical in the natural Hawaiian landscape and was used in traditional Hawaiian medicine. Today, Hanalei uses it for its exfoliating and brightening qualities in products like their Sugar Lip Scrub.

What Is Botanical Oil Good For?

Botanical oils are oils that are directly derived from the botanical itself. Oftentimes, the oil has its own unique benefits and vitamins, and Hanalei uses botanical oils in their products that contain kukui nut oil. Oils are often used for moisturizing and providing your skin with plenty of vitamins, and kukui nut oil is no exception. Kukui nut oil is known for containing vitamins A, C, and E, which help it aid dry skin, making it a powerful ingredient to add to your skincare routine!

Hanalei Company Kukui Oil Beauty Products

When it comes down to it, botanical ingredients are the best way to get the direct benefits of a plant. Skincare is no joke, and you want to make sure that you’re buying products with only the best and most beneficial ingredients. When you use Hanalei’s products, you can be certain that they directly use local Hawaiian botanicals, and that your skin will be getting the best treatment it can receive.

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Skincare with botanical ingredients

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