What Are the Best Summer Beach Hacks?

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Summer is upon us and we’re answering what are the best summer beach hacks? Warmer weather means hitting the beach! Beaches are perfect for any summer getaway, even if it’s just to your local shoreline, but it’s important to be prepared for anything that might come your way. This includes taking care of your body while having fun, so before you plan that next beach trip, take these summer beach hacks into consideration! They might just end up saving the day!

What should you bring to the beach?

 Heading to the beach is one of the best ways to get away for the summer, but you might feel totally lost when it comes to figuring out what you should pack, even if it’s just for a day trip! It’s always good to start with a good bag that can fit all your essentials, including your towel or blanket, swimsuit, and sunblock. Bringing a good sunblock is important when it comes to protecting against painful sunburns. In case you do get a little burnt, though, having some Hanalei Island Aloe Gel for the face handy won’t hurt! It’s perfect for soothing burns and moisturizing when you need it most.

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To top off that packing list, make sure you don’t forget your sunglasses, water, and hat! All of these will keep you and your skin happy and healthy during your day in the sun. And don’t leave your camera at home—this beach day is sure to be Insta-worthy!

What should you not bring to the beach?

 When taking a trip to the coast, it’s important to be super minimal in your packing. You don’t want to lug around a heavy bag full of things you won’t even use. Don’t bring anything you don’t want getting sandy or wet, and leave the closed-toed shoes at home—they’ll just become little buckets of sand! It’s also a good idea to leave your furry friends home for the day unless you know your beach allows pets!

What are the good things to eat at the beach?

Even though coastal air is usually cool, and you might spend much of your day swimming, it’s important to remember that being out in the sun all day can lead to dehydration faster! This can dry your skin out, or worse! When packing snacks for the beach, it’s super important to pack fresh foods—fruits and vegetables are a great choice! Since these contain a lot of water, they’ll be energizing and refreshing to keep you going longer so you can enjoy the beach even more.

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What about beach drinks? How do you stay hydrated?

 Other than the amazing hydration you’ll get from your fruits and veggies, it’s so important to make sure you stay hydrated! Always bring your favorite reusable water bottle to the beach—the cuter the better! This will motivate you to drink more! If there’s a snack shack at the beach, see if you can refill your water to cool down when you run out! Drinking more hydrating liquids will keep your mind, body, and skin healthy throughout your day.

What is the best SPF number for a day at the beach?

When spending a day in the sun, it’s important to use a sunblock that will actually block the sun! Most experts recommend an SPF of 30 or above for a day at the beach, but to be safe, it’s good to go with an SPF of 50 or 55. And if you do happen to get a little burnt even with using sunblock, don’t worry! Our Island Aloe Gel is perfect for soothing burns. As a natural anti-inflammatory, this little superhero product should be in everyone’s beach bag!


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How do you keep sand out of your car?

 Sand is almost inevitable at the beach, but it’s not impossible to keep your car clean! Make sure you always shake out your towel before packing it up. This will get rid of most of the sand. If there’s any sand on you (those pesky feet love to bring sand home!), make sure you either let yourself dry and then brush yourself off, or use the beach showers to rinse the sand away before heading home for the day.

Should you self-tan first?

 Self-tanning before the beach is not a requirement, but if it’ll make you feel more confident, then by all means—go for it! Self-tanning is best done after exfoliation so that you have the chance to remove any impurities and unevenness before you apply the tanner. A great way to do this is with our Sugar Body Scrub, which will also leave your skin feeling oh so smooth and soft for that day at the beach you’ve been looking forward to!

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No matter what coast you’re heading to this summer, it’s important to be prepared for the day so that you can spend your whole day feeling and looking your best. Taking care of your body by staying hydrated and taking care of your skin by preventing burns are two of the best ways you can be sure to have the best day. So pack that beach bag and head over to the coast, and don’t forget the camera!


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