What Color of Tinted Lip Treatment is Best For Me?

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You might be wondering what color of lip treatment is best for me. When it comes to soft, smooth lips, it’s no secret that a lip treatment is the best way to go. Hanalei’s Lip Treatments work to moisturize with natural kukui nut oil, bringing out only the best in your beautiful lips. While the clear Lip Treatment is fantastic to use as an overnight mask to heal your lips while you sleep, we also carry 6 tinted Lip Treatments, perfect for healing your lips while you’re on the go. But what color is right for you? How does a lip treatment work? We’re here to answer all of your pressing questions so that you can get softer lips in no time in a shade that you’ll love.

What is tinted lip treatment?

Our Tinted lip treatments are here to help you heal your dry lips through natural ingredients and Hawaiian botanicals. Each ingredient works hard to provide your lips with the nutrients it needs while moisturizing and healing any damage. Our tinted lip treatments simply add pop of color to this moisturizing treatment, allowing you to make healing your lips part of your daily look. We carry lip treatment in Dragon Fruit, Red, Sand, Mauve Pink, Peach Pink, and Rose. Each shade provides a little something different, depending on the look you’re going for. Want something bolder? Go with Red or Dragon Fruit. Want a subtler look? Check out Sand or Peach Pink. And for those of you on the go, a travel set is available that includes Rose, Red, and Clear Lip Treatment.

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What ingredients are in lip treatment?

Our lip treatments use natural ingredients and Hawaiian botanicals throughout their ingredients list. All of our Lip Treatments use kukui oil to moisturize and rejuvenate lips, as well as agave and grapeseed oil, perfect for allowing high levels of antioxidants and preventing harmful radicals. Each lip treatment also uses shea butter to help moisturize your lips on a long-term basis.

Does tinted lip treatment make my lips darker?

Now, you might be wondering how a tinted lip treatment might affect your lips in the long term, and we’re here to tell you that you have nothing to worry about! The only permanent change you’ll see from our Lip Treatments is softer, smoother, and healthier lips. The tint is just there to provide an extra pop of color while you treat your lips throughout the day.

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Is it cruelty-free?

Being cruelty-free is one of the most important things about our Hanalei products. We simply don’t see the need to test on animals—so we don’t! You can guarantee that any Hanalei look is certified cruelty-free!

When it comes to treating your lips, there’s no better way to do it than with natural Hawaiian botanicals from Hanalei. Kukui oil and shea butter and perfect for treating your lips, and our beautiful tints will allow you to work this treatment into your daily makeup routine, so that you can look and feel your best, all day long.

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