What is the Best Lip Balm For Daily Use?

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Our lips are sure to need some extra love this time of year. There are tons of different ways that you can try to implement more moisture for your lips into your daily routine, but our favorite here at Hanalei is our Hanalei Kukui Lip Balm set to help you moisturize even the trickiest skin.

Is It Okay To Use Lip Balm Every day?

We recommend using our lip balm whenever you need it. Don’t suffer with dry lips any longer--use our Kukui Lip Balm to moisturize any time you’re feeling dry. So, by all means, use it every day if you need it, for the ultimate hydrated lips that feel great!

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What Lip Balm Is Good for Dry Lips?

We can’t recommend our Kukui Oil Lip Balm enough. It uses natural Hawaiian Botanicals to hydrate, so that you can feel your best fast. It comes in five island flavors: Vanilla, Coconut Pear, Island Mint, Lilikoi, and Tropical Citrus, and we love it for daily hydration, even on your driest days.

What Ingredients Should I Look For In A Lip Balm?

We love to incorporate Hawaiian botanicals into our products and we love that the main moisturizer in our lip balms is natural Kukui Oil. Kukui Oil is a beautiful natural moisturizer that easily adds hydration to your lips, and relieves dryness.

Kukui Oil

Can I Use A Lip Treatment Instead Of A Balm?

Lip Treatment is another fantastic option for moisturizing dry lips. We love our Kukui Lip Treatments, which can be worn either overnight or during the day for supremely moisturized lips. They even come in tinted shades, so that you can incorporate them into your daily makeup look and have super soft lips, even on extra dry days.

Dry lips don’t have to be a problem this spring. Lip Balm and Lip Treatment are beautiful options for anyone looking to add a little more hydration to their daily routine.

Want more lip love? Exfoliate daily with our Sugar Lip Scrub!

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