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Sampled and loved

I got this as a free sample with my regular lip treatment. I used it this past summer when I traveled and loved the smell. It also worked great on my skin. I usually use a foaming cleanser. Recently, that ran out. I put what was left of my sample in the bottle and loved how it foamed so easily. I'm buying a full-sized tube just so I can make it foam. It will be less likely to slide off my fingers and down the drain.

United States United States
  • Which best describes your skin tone? Medium
  • Which best describes your skin type? Combination
  • Please tell us your age: 41 - 55

Luxurious Texture & Scent; Effective Cleanser

The first time I used this cleanser, I applied a pea sized blob into my hands and added a little water to get it going. There is a very light lather. When I applied it to my face, I could not help but breathe deeply a few times. This just smells SO GOOD. It's refreshing, and honestly, if Hanalei made a body spray or lotion this scent (which I would describe as both green and slightly marine, like aloe and Hawaii's fresh air--and I should know, because I live on Oahu), I would buy bottles. It's especially fantastic to use this cleanser in the shower after a day in the sun or even a bad day in the office because the scent permeates and just relaxes my mind. The texture is also very balm-like and cushiony, which I really enjoy. I generally prefer foamier cleansers (Hanalei's powder cleansers are a favorite for this reason, among others), but this feels luxurious without the foam. that said, the scent isn't obnoxiously strong in my view. As for cleansing power, I admit I do a double cleanse with an Asian oil cleanser almost every day, regardless of the face wash I use. This is because I find my sunscreen is difficult to wash off with just using a face wash. However, I have used the cleanser by itself on a day when I haven't worn much makeup, no sunscreen (on a day I've spent entirely at home) and definitely if I hadn't worn much eye makeup, and it cleans effectively. My face always feels refreshed and ready for facial treatments/moisturizers. Another great thing for me about this cleanser is that it doesn't have any actives, so I can safely wash my face with this and then use something like a glycolic treatment after without worrying about irritation. I've even accidentally gotten this in my eye and after rinsing it out, my eye wasn't irritated at all. That may not be everyone else's experience, of course. Overall, while I can definitely get cheaper cleansers that get my face just as clean for less money, the wonderful scent and texture of this makes the price worth it to me. I only need a pea size so the tube will definitely last a long time.

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  • Which best describes your skin tone? Medium
  • Which best describes your skin type? Combination
  • Please tell us your age: 41 - 55

Hanalei Homerun!

Your original lip balm has been my all time fave for years. Especially after going on vacation in the desert and using it on my dry and cracked cuticles and chapped lips. I’m so excited your line is expanding. Bought the Aloe-E cleanser through Ipsy and one use later I’m sold. For life. This cleanser is incredible. Cooling from the aloe, slippery, moves over the skin well, light, natural scent, and it lathers!? Cleansing without stripping. It left me feeling like I had already moisturized my skin! Y’all knocked it out of the park with this one. Thank you!

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  • Which best describes your skin tone? Fair
  • Which best describes your skin type? Combination
  • Please tell us your age: 23 - 30


I am absolutely obsessed. As someone with problematic skin, this cleanser is the perfect addition to my skincare routine. Doesn't strip my skin, leaves it feeling so refreshed, and my complexion is the best it's been in months. I'm also on retinol so my skin is uber dry and sensitive. Will be buying again and again!!!

United States United States
  • Which best describes your skin tone? Medium
  • Which best describes your skin type? Oily
  • Please tell us your age: 23 - 30

Love it!

I love this product! Super good at removing makeup after a long day. Leaves my skin feeling fresh!

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