4 Winter Beauty Tips Your Skin Will Thank You For

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Hanalei Company is happy to bring you 4 winter beauty tips for your skin will thank you for. With the cold weather fast approaching, there’s no doubt that with frigid weather, comes dryer skin. It’s easy to feel lost when it comes to restoring your skin back to its healthy summer self, but with a combination of some of Hanalei Company’s best selling moisturizing and exfoliating products, your skin will surely be restored just in time for the holidays.

1. Lip Care

It’s no secret that our lips are one of the first things to grow dry in the coldest months of the year, which can be incredibly uncomfortable. Hanalei carries a star pairing of lip products that are sure to help your lips feel their best this winter. When you start with the Sugar Lip Scrub, you’ll experience the exfoliating power of turbinado sugar crystals in combination with the moisture of shea butter and Hawaiian kukui oil. These local Hawaiian ingredients work to relieve that winter dryness and restore your lips. When you use the Sugar Lip Scrub with Hanalei’s Kukui Oil Lip Treatment, your lips are in for, well, a treat! The Lip Treatment combines that same kukui oil and shea butter with soothing agave nectar and grape seed oil for healthy, restored lips. The combination of these two products will get your lips feeling so soft, you might just want to use them year-round!


Hanalei Company Sugar Lip Scrub and Kukui Oil Lip treatment

2. Skincare

In the winter, skincare is more important than ever for a healthy face! So many traditional face cleansers can dry you out, but luckily, Hanalei’s two powder face cleansers are not only moisturizing, but they’re also full of fantastic local ingredients. The Papaya Enzyme Powder Face Cleanser is known for its key ingredient, papaya enzyme! This enzyme has powerful exfoliators, and when it's combined with the Hawaiian noni in the cleanser, you’ll quickly improve the health of your skin. The Charcoal Powder Face Cleanser combines the benefits from the Papaya Enzyme Powder Face Cleanser with the healing power of charcoal. This cleanser also includes aloe and collagen extracts to help balance your skin’s moisture levels and refresh your pores. These two powder face cleansers will work hard to keep your face clean, healthy, and moisturized, no matter what this winter hits your skin with!

Hanalei Company Papaya Face Wash

3. Body Care

Of course, it’s not just your face that feels that winter chill, the rest of your body is affected too! Hanalei’s Kukui Body Lotion works to improve any dry skin this cold weather might have already gifted you this holiday season, combining Hawaiian kukui nut oil and aloe vera for perfectly moisturized winter skin. This body lotion also uses essential fatty acids, which work with the enzymes and vitamins A and C that from the aloe vera, helping to hydrate and prevent inflammation. Due to its healing and moisturizing power, Hanalei’s Kukui Body Lotion will leave your skin feeling like it's just stepped off the islands of Hawaii!

 Kukui Oil Body Lotion by Hanalei Company

4. After Sun Care

While it might surprise you, the winter sun is real, and can cause just as much damage as its summer counterpart! And Hanalei’s Island Aloe Gel doesn’t just help treat your skin after you’ve been out in the snow on a sunny day, it also helps to increase the elasticity of your skin during those cold winter months, moisturizing with noni to reduce signs of aging. This anti-inflammatory gel helps to relieve dry and damaged skin with papaya extract and soothe with aloe vera, helping your skin feel its absolute best, even when spring seems like it’ll never come.

  Island Aloe Vera Gel For Face by Hanalei Company

Winter can be especially damaging to your skin, and luckily, Hanalei Company has plenty of products to help heal your skin, even when it’s feeling its worst. When you use Hanalei’s Sugar Lip Scrub, Kukui Lip Treatment, Powder Face Cleansers, Kukui Body Lotion, and Island Aloe Gel, you’ll be as golden as the summer sun with your healthy and fresh skin! 

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