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Here at Hanalei Company and Elizabeth Mott, we know we’re soooo lucky we live Hawaii! We get to wake up in the tropics 365 days a year.  We want to bring the island life to you by sharing our favorite Hawaiian makeup bag essentials. No, we don’t have to deal with any crazy snow storms or boiling hot summers. Sure, we may have a stray hurricane or two sometimes…but we don’t talk about that part!

You’re probably thinking we’re glamming it up on the beaches every day, but you’d be wrong! We love a simple and easy look that makes us feel like we’re beach bummin’ it up on the reg. Our secret: our makeup bags are suuuuper simple and easy to keep up with. And we’re going to tell you allll about our faves!

1. Hanalei’s Sugar Lip Scrub

While Hawaii generally never gets warmer than 85 degrees or lower than 70 degrees, lip care is still essential in the tropics. Trade winds and bright, sunny days can easily dry out even the most moisturized lips. Take a small amount on your finger, and then gently rub the scrub on your lips to exfoliate the dry and dead skin. Shea butter and Hawaiian kukui oil relieves dryness and promotes hydrated, silky lips. The sun doesn’t stand a chance again our sugar lip scrub!

Hanalei Sugar lip Scrub Application

2. Hanalei’s 3 Pack Travel Set of Kukui Oil Lip Treatment

We know, we know—sometimes you just can’t decide what color to get and just decide three shades are better than one, right?! The kukui oil lip treatment travel pack comes in 3 colors (Clear, Rose, and Red) and will help you rejuvenate and moisturize your lips. Agave and grape seed oil provide high levels of antioxidants that help soothe and protect lips from harmful radicals (AKA the sun), while shea butter packs a moisturizing punch that doesn’t leave any gross residue on your lips.

3. Hanalei’s Island Aloe Gel For The Face

We know before and after sun care is important for maintaining and protecting that beautiful face of yours, but did you know it could be soooo easy? The Island Aloe Gel uses pure aloe vera, which is extremely anti-inflammatory and contains antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins A & C. Sounds good, right? But what does it do?! Well, all these amazing ingredients help increase skin elasticity, brighten skin, and reduces signs of aging.

Hanalei Company Island Aloe Gel For the Face Being Shown by kellyamendoza

4. Elizabeth Mott’s It’s So Big Mascara

You know we couldn’t write up a must-have list if we didn’t include It’s So Big Mascara from our sister company! Who doesn’t love a mascara that can give you big and full lashes in just a layer or two and also last all day? It’s easy to remove—just use a little water and your fave makeup remover. But it won’t come off until you’re ready.

5. Elizabeth Mott’s Queen of the Fill Brow Gel

Who wants easy brows that basically fill in and shape themselves?! Spoiler: everyone does. This brow gel formula is sweat resistant and utilizes a film-forming polymer technology that coats each brow in a lightweight gel formula that creates a life-like hair texture and quick to dry! Also…it comes in 5 natural shades. What more could you want from us?!

6. Hanalei’s Natural Matte Bronzer

Feeling a little under the weather? No color in those cheeks? Never fear! Hanalei’s bronzer is here to rescue your complexion. The formula is unique enough to where it’s flattering on all skin tones and looks so good on everyone. Even if you’re not feeling sun-kissed…you can always look like the god or goddess you are thanks to Hanalei!

Hanalei Company Matte Bronzer being applied to face by Ashun Wren

7. Hanalei’s Kukui Oil Body Lotion

Do you ever get those days where you’re just…not as smooth and supple as you want? No? Us either because we basically live in Hanalei’s Kukui Oil Body Lotion! Pure kukui oil is perfect for restoring hydration in dry, cracked skin. If you’re looking to catch someone’s eye (or everyone’s, tbh) just lather some of this lotion on to show off your rockin’ bod!

And there you have it! Our makeup bag essentials. Doesn’t seem too daunting or scary, right? The main take away from our bags: stay moisturized and glossy and everyone will love you (including yourself)!

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