6 Tips On How to Cure Chapped Lips Fast

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As the weather cools down, your lips are guaranteed to be at least a little more chapped than normal. There are so many options when it comes to curing chapped lips, it can be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve put together the perfect list for you to help you get on the road to recovery so that they can stay healthy and kissable all winter long (just in case there’s some mistletoe lying around).

1: Exfoliate Your Lips

The first step and a key part in actually getting  a quick remedy is to exfoliate. Our Sugar Lip Scrub is perfect for buffing away that dry, chapped skin, and leaving room for all the moisture you could ask for. It even moisturizes while it exfoliates with built in shea butter and kukui oil.

Help To Cure Dry Chapped Lips with Exfoliating and Moisturizing Sugar Lip Scrub


2: Use a Good Lip Treatment

Our Lip Treatment is one of our bestsellers, and for good reason! This  formula is more than just hydration—it’s hydration that stays! Use it to provide much needed moisture while you sleep (use our clear treatment), or use a tinted version to get them soft while you’re out and about. It’s the perfect “it works while you do” product so that you don’t have to change anything about your day to get the look you’ve always wanted during a dry time in the climate.

3: Stay Hydrated With Plenty Of Water!

Getting rid of chapped lips is about so much more than the products you use! Staying hydrated is one of the key elements, so that you can effortlessly keep them feeling healthy, even when you don’t have time to reapply products. Staying hydrated is the best way to provide your body with more of what you need for healthy skin at the source, instead of treating the dryness and peeling that has already developed.

Hanalei Sugar Lip Scrub and Lip Treatment Before and After Pictures


4: Use a Room Humidifier

Another great natural way to keep them from getting dehydrated is to use a room humidifier so that you can be providing your lips with hydration while you sleep, cook, or even watch TV (while wearing one of our face sheet masks of course). This is one of the easiest ways to passively provide your skin with all the moisture it usually gets in the hotter months of the year while you stay warm inside and go about your day.

5: Try Moisturizing Lip Tints

If you want to go out, but you’re worried about your dehydration and flaking while you’re hanging with friends or going to that family gathering, try a moisturizing lip tint. Our tinted lip treatments come in a huge array of colors, so you can find the one that works best for you and the look you’re trying to create while keeping them nice, soft and smoochable.

Hanalei Tinted Lip Treatments For Dry Chapped Lips


6: Cut Down on Caffeine

Another amazing path to prevention is to  decrease your caffeine intake. Caffeine is actually a diuretic and can cause your skin to dry out. Your lips are especially sensitive parts of your skin, so they might be super affected by substances like caffeine. Cutting it out will let your skin regulate and do its thing without extra dryness.

Chapped lips can be so irritating to deal with, so it’s important to have ways to help them feel better throughout the winter, when they’re usually the driest. From drinking more water, to adding hydrating treatment to your routine, there are so many ways to help prevent and cure to help them feel their best!

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