6 Benefits of Using a Powder Face Wash

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Washing your face has never been so easy. Here at Hanalei, we absolutely love our Powder Face Washes, and we know you will too. There are so many benefits to using a powder face wash, from the ingredients to saving money, so we put together this convenient list for you so that you can see for yourself, and decide to make the switch to our fave for your face!

1.  Powder Helps Gently Exfoliate The Skin

The powder granules in our Powder Face Washes serve as an amazing exfoliator. This allows you to get rid of any dead or dry skin while you’re washing your face and making room for all of the other benefits you’ll get from using these powder face washes. When you exfoliate all in one, you’re eliminating an extra step from your skincare routine, making it easier to get the healthy skin you’ve always wanted.

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2. Charcoal is Detoxifying and Purifying

We carry two Powder Face Washes, and one is our Charcoal Powder Face Wash. Charcoal is actually super good for your skin and carries detoxifying and purifying qualities that help bring the bad stuff to the surface so it can all be washed away. It’s an incredible detox for your skin and can help purify it from any outside toxins you’ve picked up over your day.

3. Papaya Enzymes Reduce Inflammation

Our other powder face cleanser is our Papaya Enzyme Powder Face Cleanser and we love it for so many reasons. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory—papaya enzyme is known for reducing inflammation and it’s also an amazing brightening ingredient, which makes this your dream face wash you’ve been looking for.

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4. Papain Can Help Remove Damaged Keratin Buildup

Keratin is key when it comes to creating the actual structure of your skin, and so many of us have a build-up of damaged keratin, which makes it hard to have healthy skin. Papain—our key ingredient in our Papaya Enzyme Powder Face Cleanser is helpful in actually removing that damaged keratin so that your face can start to feel healthy again.

5: Powder Face Wash is Travel Friendly and TSA Approved

For those of us who want to stay fresh even while traveling, you’ll be happy to learn that because powder face wash isn’t a liquid, it completely travel-friendly and TSA approved, which means you can bring it along in your carry-on with you. We even carry a smaller, individually packaged version to help you save precious space in your cosmetic bag!

Hanalei Powder Cleansers Are Travel friendly and TSA approved


6: You Use Less Product Resulting In Money Savings

When you use a classic liquid face cleanser, you’ll likely use it up so much faster than you will with one of our Powder Face Cleansers. Our Powder Face Cleansers allow you to use less product because they are concentrated, which means you’ll have to purchase product less often. A simple change in your skincare routine can save your bank account and your skin!

Powder Face Cleanser is the next addition you need to make to your skincare routine. From detoxing and exfoliating your skin to actually fixing damaged skin, these cleansers are made to up your routine in the best way.

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