What Are The Best Hydrating Face Masks For Cold Weather?

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The best hydrating masks for cold weather contain natural botanicals that lock in moisture. As the weather gets colder and winter sets in, it’s only natural that our skin becomes drier than normal. When we aren’t exposed to natural humidity, our skin tends to dry out, so it’s important to replenish that moisture with key products like hydrating face masks, which are amazing for self-care during the colder months of the year. These are all of our reasons you should add a hydrating face mask to your routine to help you get that moisture back into your face, even when it’s chilly outside.

What is the best hydrating face mask for your face?

Our Hanalei Face Sheet Masks truly have the best benefits for your skin, including hydration and moisturizing properties. We carry two amazing hydrating and moisturizing face masks, but whichever one is best for your face is up to you and your skin type. If you’re looking for hydration, our Pear and Papaya Masks are going to be your best bet.

Hanalei Hydrating Face Masks Really Do Work

Do hydrating face masks really work?

If you’re looking for pure hydration, a hydrating face mask really does work because of the moisture derived from Hawaiian botanical ingredients. Our Hanalei Face Sheet Masks have amazing benefits, and with our Pear and Papaya Masks, you’ll truly feel the hydration right away! Just make sure that you always wash your face first (consider one of our Powder Face Cleansers), so that you’re able to truly gain all the benefits you can from your mask.

What’s a good hydrating face mask for sensitive skin?

We love all our face masks, but if you’re looking for a more gentle way to gain hydration from a face mask and you want one for sensitive skin, consider our Papaya Face Mask. Its hydration is non-irritating, and it’s fantastic for brightening your skin while you hydrate for the ultimate beautiful skin you’ve been searching for.

Hanalei Hydrating Papaya Face Mask For Sensitive Skin


What are other ways to hydrate your skin?

Of course, face masks aren’t the only way to hydrate your skin, and when it’s cold outside, you’ll want all the moisture you can get. Our Island Aloe Gel is an excellent lightweight moisturizer, and if your lips need a little extra help this winter, try our Sugar Lip Scrub, Kukui Oil Lip Treatment, and Lip Balms, perfect for bringing natural moisture your way.

Winter can be harsh on the skin, so it’s important to allow time for moisturizing, whenever possible, so that you can have the fresh, hydrated skin you had in the summer, all year long. Our Hanalei Face Sheet Masks are ideal for allowing you to have some chill time while hydrating your face, so you can have that healthy, hydrated skin you’ve been waiting for.

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