How to Fix Dry and Cracked Hands

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Winter is right around the corner, and with colder weather comes dry skin. The two parts of your body that are most likely to experience dry skin are your lips and your hands. Having dry or cracked hands can be super uncomfortable, especially if you have to use your hands a lot throughout your day. These are our best tips for fixing dry and cracked hands this winter.

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Fix dry and cracked hands

Use a Humidifier

Adding humidity to your space is going to help tremendously when it comes to fixing dry and cracked hands. Skin dries out when you’re lacking humidity in your environment, so adding some humidity is sure to help you to feel like you’re holding onto more natural moisture throughout your day. Plus, the rest of your body will thank you too!

Best ways to hydrate skin

Drink More Water

Just as you’re losing moisture through your skin due to lack of humidity, your skin might be unable to replenish its hydration if you’re not drinking enough water. Make sure you’re drinking water throughout your day, and if you have to go out, or go to work, make sure you’re bringing a water bottle with you to encourage drinking healthier amounts of water!

Dry hand remedies

Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Fresh produce is great when it comes to helping your body replenish moisture, and hold onto hydration. Fruits and veggies naturally have their own water supply, so making sure you’re eating enough fresh produce is a great way to naturally bring moisture back to your skin, even if you’re feeling extra dry.

Body lotion for dry hands

Find a Good Body Lotion

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When you’re replenishing the moisture in your hands, it’s important to be using a lotion meant for your whole body, not one meant for your face. We love our Kukui Body Lotion for this because it contains the natural Hawaiian botanical, kukui nut oil. This oil is naturally hydrating and has been used by Native Hawaiians for centuries. We love how quickly it can help with dry skin, and how lightweight this is as an everyday moisturizer. Use it after a hot shower, before you head out for the day, or any time your hands are feeling a little dry.

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