How To Help With Dry Lips During The Summer

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We often associate dry lips with winter weather, but the summer months are also a common time when your pout can feel less than hydrated. In the summer, dry lips often occur due to factors such as a higher amount of sun exposure and dehydration. Whether you’re out soaking up the sun, hitting the beach with friends, or spending all your free time outdoors, there’s a chance you’ll experience dry lips. We know, of course, that you don’t want to miss out on these fun summer activities because of dry lips! Which is why we’ve come up with a few tips to help you avoid dry lips during the summer. 

Exfoliate Your Lips

One of the first things you should do to combat dry lips? Exfoliate! When you exfoliate your lips, you’re working to slough off dead skin cells and prep your pout for any further lip products. If you notice you’re often licking your lips during the summertime, it’s because the saliva from your mouth is actually drying out your pout. Exfoliating is a great solution because it helps to moisturize and restore hydration. So, how exactly do you exfoliate your lips? With a lip scrub! Here at Hanalei, one of our best-selling products is the Sugar Lip Scrub. Perfect for summer, the lip scrub features natural Island Cane Brown Sugar, which gently exfoliates your lips to leave them ultra-smooth. Your dry lips will thank you when you use our lip scrub! 

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Choose A Hydrating Lip Balm

One of the best dry lip treatments you can use in the summer is a hydrating lip balm. Your pout will feel smooth as butter with a lip treatment that works to quench dry lips. We recommend using a hydrating lip treatment on a regular basis throughout the day to ensure that you avoid dry lips. Our Pumpkin Spice Kukui Oil Lip Treatment is a must-have product when it comes to restoring your lips to a soft and smooth texture. One of the best parts about this limited edition lip balm is its island ingredients! Hawaiian kukui nut oil helps to moisturize and relieve dryness while agave nectar soothes and protects your lips. 

kukui oil lip treatment by hanalei


As we mentioned earlier, dehydration is one of the reasons why you might suffer from dry lips in the summer. From high temperatures to constant sun exposure, you definitely don’t want to forget to up your water intake! By drinking a healthy amount of water each day, your lips will feel refreshed and hydrated. If you’re looking for a go-to lip balm to touch up after you’ve had a few glasses of water, our Kukui Oil Lip Treatment is perfect for keeping in your purse while you’re out and about. The best part? The Kukui Oil Lip Treatment comes in 7 gorgeous shades to choose from!  

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Summer is a time when you want to be outdoors with your friends and family without worrying about dry lips. With the right hydrating products and helpful tips, you’ll have a well-moisturized pout in no time! From exfoliating to using a hydrating lip treatment and drinking enough water, you can kiss those dry lips goodbye this summer. 

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