Tips On Using A Lip Scrub Before Applying Lipstick

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Don't we all dread being told that our lips look dry? We've definitely had second- hand embarrassment when a friend was once told that. Yikes! The best solution for this? A lip scrub! Sometimes, lip scrubs can be daunting because it seems like an added step in your routine. However, it is something that we need more than ever, especially during the winter season because no one ever wants to have “crusty” lips. All year round, and especially during the winter, soft, luscious lips are a must! So, we are here to provide you with some tips to easily prioritize your lips in your daily routine and make sure that your lips are prepped before applying lipstick.

Start With A Scrub

Hanalei's Sugar Lip Scrub is a lip exfoliator that aids in moisturizing your lips and sloughing out the dead skin right away, so you can easily apply lipstick. Our sugar lip scrub includes three natural key ingredients consisting of cane brown sugar, Hawaiian kukui oil, and shea butter, which all help to exfoliate dead, dry skin, restore nourishment, and moisturize. Luckily, our lip scrub is small enough to fit into your purse so you can take it anywhere and everywhere with you. If you need to hydrate your lips during a girls night out, you can quickly touch up in the restroom and come back out to join the fun with instantly rejuvenated lips.

Take Time To Exfoliate

If you have a little more time to moisturize and need to prepare for a big event the next day, the best time to exfoliate is at night when your skin goes through much of its restoration during sleep. This way, you are able to wake up to them feeling supple, smooth, and ready for applying lipstick. If you want extra exfoliation, a face towel or toothbrush can be the best tools. Just dip the edge of the towel or toothbrush into the lip scrub and gently rub it against your lips. The plus? These tools help to circulate the blood flow. So, besides having smooth lips, you can have plump lips too!

Apply a Lip Treatment

After exfoliating before bed, it is recommended that you use a lip treatment in order to lock in the moisture throughout the night. Our Kukui Oil Lip Treatment comes in 7 shades and helps to moisturize, soothe, and protect your lips while you sleep. And, for those days where you feel like going for a more minimalistic makeup look, you can simply apply this lip balm to add color to your complexion to make it look like you put some effort into your look while also keeping your lips moisturized. Although it’s around that time of year when people’s lips get chapped, we want to be *THAT* girl with the softest, luscious lips around. For the girlies who don’t have much time to pamper themselves or for those that do, Hanalei’s sugar lip scrub is perfect for pampering your pout anytime, anywhere so you can kiss those dry lips goodbye!

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