How to Pack Skincare for Travel

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We all dream of exploring new places, seeing new sights, and having new experiences, but it’s important to keep up your normal skincare routine throughout your travels, so that you can help your skin to remain healthy, and looking its best. Plus, it won’t hurt that you’ll feel more confident in those Insta photos too. If you have a skincare routine that you love, and want to figure out how to do something similar, even while traveling, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive deep into what you can do to upkeep your skin, even when you’re out having the adventure of a lifetime.

Why is it any different?

Travel can create some major differences when it comes to your skincare routine. The main thing is that you will have to accommodate to TSA guidelines when it comes to flying with liquid products. This means downsizing your products, or finding products that don’t come in liquid form.

Travel skin care tips

How can I make my skincare products TSA friendly?

The TSA requires that all liquids be 3.4 ounces or smaller. Luckily, there are often containers that are this exact size that you can use to store products you love, without having to change your whole routine. You can find these containers at any drugstore or pharmacy.

You might also consider switching some products around to be ones that simply come in smaller containers. For example, you could use our Makai Marine Hawaiian Face Moisturizer during your trip because it already comes in a TSA sized container. Our Kukui Oil Lip Treatment also comes in a 3 pack of travel sized Lip Treatments, so you can take your favorite shades with you on the go!

If you love our Kona Peptide Eye Cream, and our Aloe E Face Cleanser, you’re in luck. We carry a travel kit that includes both of these, already in a TSA approved size! 

Travel skincare

All about non-liquid products

Another easy thing that you can do to ensure that you can make it through TSA without any hassle, is to opt for products that aren’t liquid. We love our Papaya Enzyme and Charcoal Powder Face Cleansers for this reason, and they even come in a travel-sized option, so that you can easily pack it without it taking up too much room.

How to pack skincare for travel

What products should I consider bringing when I travel?

It’s super important to consider two things when you travel: sun protection and moisture. Airplanes can really dry out your skin, so it’s important to keep some hydration tools on your side no matter where you’re traveling to. We recommend our Lip Treatment travel pack for keeping lips moist on long flights, as well as our Makai Marine Hawaiian Face Moisturizer and Island Aloe Gel for facial hydration.

For sun protection, it’s always good to get a nice, lightweight sunblock for your face and body, but it’s important to keep your lips protected too. Try our Kukui Lip Balm Trio Set with SPF 15 to keep your lips protected from the sun all day long.

Want to prep for that dream beach vacation the right way? Try our incredible Self-Tanning Mousse to get that glow on before you even leave!

Curious about bringing makeup along on your trip? Try our sister company, Elizabeth Mott's It's So Big Mascara, which comes in a travel size!

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