What Does Charcoal Do For Your Face?

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When it comes to washing your face, ingredients are key! One of the most important things you can do for your face is to help your skin detox all the bad stuff that it’s hanging onto. Washing your face can be incredible for this, but it’s important to choose a cleanser that can do everything for you. Our Charcoal Powder Face Cleanser is incredible for helping you wash your face while detoxing, exfoliating, and more.

Benefits of charcoal for face

What products are good for charcoal in skincare?

If you’re looking to incorporate charcoal into your skincare routine, look into using our Charcoal Powder Face Cleanser. This gentle exfoliating face cleanser comes in powder form, making it easy for people on the go, or for travelers. It contains activated charcoal as one of its main ingredients, which can help your face to detox any bad stuff it might be holding on to. It’s also a great exfoliator, which is a fantastic property to pair with a good skin detox.

Follow up with our Makai Marine Face Moisturizer after exfoliating!

Charcoal for skin care

What is charcoal good for in skincare?

Charcoal in any sense of the ingredient is incredible for detoxing, and skincare is no exception! Charcoal is incredible for helping skin to shed any excess stuff that is keeping your skin from being its absolute best. When you wash your face with this regularly, you’re continuously helping your skin to shed those nasties, so you can get your glow on! It is important that you skip a day in between exfoliating, so that you can let your skin recover. Keep reading to find out what else you can do for your skin to help it to seriously shine!

Facial moisturizer cleansers

What should I pair my charcoal cleanser with?

For a well-rounded skincare routine, make sure you’re following up any detox and exfoliation with hydration and nutrients! Some good choices for moisture are our Island Aloe Gel and Makai Marine Hawaiian Face Moisturizer. You should always moisturize after exfoliating. On days where you choose not to exfoliate, use our hydrating and nourishing Aloe E Hawaiian Face Cleanser

Keep in mind that results from this product may vary. Use only as directed, and always consult a dermatologist before beginning any new skincare regimen. Stop and discontinue use if any irritation lasts longer than a few days.

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