How to Remove Makeup Without Makeup Wipes

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We all love makeup, and using it as a form of self expression, but it’s also such a great feeling to be able to take off your makeup at the end of a long day and be able to dive into a night of self care. Makeup wipes can feel cumbersome, complicated, and not to mention: they’re not great for our beautiful planet Earth. So, how do you remove makeup without using makeup wipes? These are our favorite methods for removing makeup without makeup wipes, in ways that are great for your skin and Mother Earth.Remove Makeup Without Makeup Wipes

Use a cleanser

Many people don’t know that you can use a gentle facial cleanser to remove makeup. We recommend using our soft Aloe E Cleanser with some reusable cotton pads, to remove makeup, and then actually wash your face, removing any makeup and leftover gunk from your day. This facial cleanser is amazing for not only helping to remove impurities, but also to add some hydration back into your skin that might have been thrown off by your makeup throughout the day. You could also use one of our Powder Face Cleansers, but since these do have natural exfoliating properties, it’s important that you don’t use these every single day to remove your makeup.

Makeup removing cleanser

Follow up with a moisturizer

It’s super important to keep your skin feeling healthy and fresh. We recommend using a natural and lightweight moisturizer meant for facial skin. This will help your skin to replenish after a long day of wearing makeup, which will in turn, help your face to take on makeup in a way that’s even and even more beautiful than before. We love both our Makai Marine Hawaiian Face Moisturizer for this, and our Aloe E Face Cleanser. Both use amazing Hawaiian botanicals like kukui nut oil and spirulina, and Hawaiian aloe to replenish your skin after removing makeup.

Aloe vera gel

Be a conscious makeup user

Makeup wipes tend to be really bad for the environment because they create waste. Here at Hanalei, we love our connection to the ʻāina, or land, which means we want to encourage using reusable and planet-friendly methods of cleansing our skin and removing makeup. This is something you can easily get involved in too, by using reusable makeup removal pads, or even a really soft wash cloth with your cleanser of choice.

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the best face washes to use without makeup wipes

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