How to Take Care of Your Body Skin

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Taking care of our body is one of the most important steps to feeling happy, healthy, and confident. And it’s no secret that our skin is an essential part of that. After all, our skin is our biggest organ. So, how do you take care of our body skin? These are our favorite tips for anyone learning to love their skin in the new year!

Exfoliate Your Body

The first step to a beautiful skincare routine is to start exfoliating your body. Our Sugar Body Scrub is incredible for exfoliating your skin before adding moisturizer. Simply use it in the shower on damp skin to help buff away and dry or dead skin. This will help you make room for the good stuff!

Hanalei’s Kukui Oil Sugar Body Scrub

Moisturize Your Skin

Adding moisture is the next step to taking daily care of your body’s skin. We love our Kukui Body Lotion for adding all the beautiful hydration you could possibly need to your skin. We recommend that you incorporate it into your daily skincare routine so that you can always be adding perfect moisture to your body, especially after exfoliating.

 Drink Plenty Of Water

Just like our skin is our biggest organ, our bodies are mostly made up of water, so if you really want to flush any of the bad stuff out of your body so that you can make room for healthy skin, drinking more water is the perfect idea! When you drink more water, you’re keeping your whole body hydrated, making it easier for your skin to stay naturally hydrated, even if you forget the moisturizer one day.

Body Lotion For LegsEat Plenty Of Vegetables & Fruit

Similarly to drinking water, eating plenty of vegetables and fruits is a fantastic way to provide your body with the nutrients it needs, and even more water. Fresh fruits and veggies are ideal for adding essential vitamins to your daily diet such as vitamin K, which can help you bring healthier skin into your life.

Avoid Prolonged Hot Water Baths and Showers

Hot water, especially when paired with cold weather, can dry out skin quick. We know that it might be hard to take colder showers in the winter, so just try to make sure that in the winter, you aren’t taking super long hot showers, which will help your skin to not dry out.

Fresh FruitsUse A Humidifier If You Live In A Dry Climate 

If you live in a particularly dry climate, it’s a good idea to invest in a humidifier. When the weather is dry, our skin’s natural moisture evaporates much quicker, which makes it hard for our skin to look or feel its best. Adding some natural moisture at home is a beautiful way to make sure that your skin is getting the hydration it needs without overdoing it on the moisturizer.

Our skin is so essential to our well being, so making sure that it’s well taken care of is one of the best ways you can show yourself some love in the new year. Any combination of these tips is going to help you look and feel your best and we can’t wait for you to start loving your skin again.

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