How To Use Body Lotion

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Colder weather means drier skin, no matter where you live. There are so many ways to prevent and even care for dry skin, but our favorite by far is to incorporate a good body lotion into your routine. Our Kukui Body Lotion is the ultimate moisturizer for anyone with dry skin. It uses natural Hawaiian Kukui Oil to moisturize and is the perfect addition to any skincare routine.

How to moisturize dry legs

When Should You Use Body Lotion?

Body Lotion is the perfect daily addition to your skincare routine, and it’s important to use it to nourish your skin when it’s feeling its driest. One of the best times to make sure you’re applying body lotion is after a hot shower. Hot water and cold weather don’t mix well, and taking a hot shower can dry your skin out fast.

What Does Body Lotion Do?

Body lotion is the perfect addition to any daily skincare routine so that you can restore moisture to dry skin. It’s gentle and our Kukui Body Lotion is ideal for most skin types so that you can feel beautiful and confident in your skin, even in the drier months.

Moisturizing Kukui Oil Cruelty-free Body Lotion

Can You Use Body Lotion On Your Face? 

While body lotion is amazing and hydrating for your body’s skin, it might not be the ideal moisturizer for your face. Facial skin is naturally more sensitive, so it’s better to use one that’s formulated for your face instead, such as our lightweight Island Aloe Gel.

Hanalei Kukui Body Lotion for Normal to Sensitive Skin

What Happens If You Don’t Use Body Lotion?

Body lotion is simply the ideal addition to your skincare routine. Without it, you may find your skin is dry and flaky, but with it, you’ll find that your skin feels radiant and hydrated. Our Kukui Body lotion is the perfect moisturizer to use on the daily for smooth and hydrated skin, even in these dry winter months.

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