What are 5 reasons Charcoal is good for your skin?

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Charcoal is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to taking care of your skin. We all know skincare is so, so important! If you regularly use Hanalei beauty products, we’re sure you know this. But, in case you didn’t, we’re here to remind you! And also talk about charcoal and why it’s good for you and your skin!  

If you’ve been living under a rock, we released our Charcoal Powder Face Cleanser a little while ago. Besides charcoal, the cleanser also utilizes aloe and collagen in the formula. Altogether, the formula is game-changing and gentle on the skin.   

If you’re not quite sold, let us convince you!  

1. Helps brighten your skin 

So charcoal works by ridding the skin of various impurities that settle in it throughout the day. Sometimes besides the normal dirt, these impurities can take the form of acne scars and hyperpigmentation! Over time, our cleanser balances out the skin by removing dirt and other impurities. Your skin will be glowing in no time!  

2. Helps exfoliate your skin.  

Charcoal has a slightly coarse texture, but not so coarse that you can’t use it every day. Our formula’s texture is perfect for exfoliating dead skin cells and impurities while leaving your skin soft and supple. While it sounds strong and potentially harsh on the skin, it’s actually quite mild!  

3. Absorbs excess oil.  

Charcoal is amaaazing for oily skin. It essentially absorbs all that pesky excess oil but doesn’t over-dry your skin. Also, if you have acne-prone skin, this cleanser is for you! Most people who are prone to breakouts know one of the biggest no nos is using harsh products since it usually exasperates the acne itself. The cleanser is also especially great if you live in a warmer climate year round or during the hot summer months! It’ll zap that oil away in no time.  

4. It’s easy to travel with - It’s a powder-to-foam cleanser, so you don’t waste a ton of product. 

If you’ve never used a powder-to-foam cleanser, all you need to do is pour a pea-sized amount into your palm and then add water. Gently rub your hands to create a foamy lather! It’s much more precise than traditional cleansers since you can control exactly how much powder you want to use. Our Charcoal Powder Face Cleanser is also formulated to purify and refresh pores without being overly drying.

 5. It’ll help prep your face for long-lasting makeup.  

No matter what kind of skin you have (dry, oily, or combination), cleansing your skin before a long day of makeup is an absolute must. Our cleanser is great to use since it’ll dry out any excess oiliness and also give your skin a healthy glow, which gives your makeup a great canvas to work off of!   

Now that you know all there is to know about Hanalei’s Charcoal Powder Face Cleanser, go try it and see the amazing results for yourself! Even if our cleanser is the only skincare product you use, your skin will thank you over and over! 


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