How to Get the Clearest Skin of Your Life?

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Here we’ll reveal how to get the clearest skin of your life! Lately, there’s been a lot of chatter in the beauty community about “trendy” ingredients that do more harm than good for your skin. At Hanalei Company, we strive to create products that only have nourishing and revitalizing ingredients because we know just know how important it is to take care of your skin. While skin cells regenerate, damage can be permanent!

 A lot of facial cleansers claim to be “gentle” but end up totally stripping the skin in the process. Our oily friends (and most skincare friends) know this is a biiiig no-no—when you strip the skin, your skin starts producing even more excess oil to make up for what was stripped away. A little oil is always normal (and healthy) for your skin.

It’s All About The Clear Skin Products - Papaya Cleanser

So now we’re here to introduce two of our newest products: our Charcoal Powder Face Cleanser and Papaya Enzyme Powder Face Cleanser. The Papaya Cleanser is a water-activated formula that cleanses while also exfoliating.

It helps restore your skin’s optimal 5.5 PH balance. You’ll be able to tell when you see your skin getting brighter and softer after each use! It’s also perfect for all skin types.

 What Does Charcoal Face Wash Do For Clearing Up Your Skin?

The Charcoal Cleanser uses charcoal to remove various impurities and excess oil while also exfoliating and cleansing the skin. Aloe and collagen extracts help to balance moisture levels and keep skin supple. This cleanser is powder-to-foam purifies and refreshes pores without being overly drying. So, perfect for normal to oily skin.

 Sounds amazing, right? Well, we know some might be thinking, “what makes these cleansers so great? There’s so many and the market’s totally saturated right now.” We’re glad you asked.

Here’s Why Hanalei Company Face Cleanser Is Better For You

- Powder-to-foam means you use less product, so it’ll last longer.

- Both cleansers purify the skin but don’t strip it. You’ll never feel like your skin is a total desert.

- Returns your skin back to its natural 5.5 PH. Quick science lesson: the top layer of your skin is a little acidic. This particular layer helps your skin retain moisture and keep germs away.

- Charcoal is well known for being especially good for oily and acne prone skin. It clears away bacteria and cleanses the skin so you’re less likely to deal with breakouts.

- Papaya is great for all skin types. And papaya enzymes gently exfoliates and leaves the skin glowing.

Still don’t believe us? Here’s a happy customer review about our face wash! (H3)

“My skin felt SO SOFT after using this! My whole complexion seemed

brighter, and I noticed my face felt really clean but not super dry. My t-zone (especially my nose)is super oily and prone to blackheads, but this really did the trick. It's hard for me to find cleansers for oily skin, as so many of them strip off EVERYTHING, which makes you oilier in the end. This was a godsend! Plus, the packets are convenient for me to stash in my purse in case of emergency! MY NEW FAVE!”

Now that you know some behind the scenes information on both our Papaya Enzyme Powder and Charcoal Powder Faces Cleansers, you’ll definitely want to grab a bottle (or two) so you can see the results for yourself. Getting healthy and clear skin shouldn’t be hard. That’s why we’re here to help you.


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