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No matter what the season, having the best lip treatment in your beauty arsenal is a must. Has anyone ever told you that lip care is and should be a year-round topic? It seems like people only ever talk about how and when to moisturize and care for your lips when fall and winter roll around—have they ever experienced spring winds and summer sun? No? It shows!

Lip Care

We have just the product for you: Hanalei’s Kukui Lip Oil Treatment. If you want the short and sweet version, our Lip Treatment provides intense hydration and healing abilities. Sold, right?

What Is Kukui Oil And How Will It Help My Dry Lips?

Now, for the scientific, in-depth natural beauty deep drive: the Kukui Lip Oil in our lip treatment quenches dry, cracked lips with continuous waves of hydration. But what makes it special and sets it apart from your run of the mill lip balm? Well, ingredients. The ingredients make it extra special. 

It contains Hawaiian kukui nut oil, which contains essential fatty acids that relieve dryness and keep those lips smooth and supple. It also contains agave nectar, which contains natural antioxidants that help keep your lips from cracking. Together, these ingredients make the super product that’s our Kukui Oil Lip Treatment.

Hawaiian Kukui Nut

We have options!

Still on the fence? Well, even though our original formula is clear, we actually expanded the line to include not one but 7 different shades. You can choose from Clear, Dragon Fruit, Mauve Pink, Red, Rose, Sand, or Peach Pink. All the shades do the exact same thing: treat your lips. Who wants to sacrifice color for hydration?

Hanalei Lip Treatment Swatches

Read what Hanalei customers have to say:

If you’re still on the fence on how well this Lip Treatment can treat you, take a gander of how our customers reviewed our Hanalei Lip Oil Treatment.

Lauri F.

5-star rating

Age: 41-55

“I got a sample from Ipsy and after using this just 2 times I ordered a full size. I thought $20.00 was a lot of money but, it lasts because you only need a drop. And I mean a drop! A little goes a long way with this! I love that it smells good it tastes good (ladies did you know you eat like 98% of whatever you put on your lips?) I like that this is only made with good ingredients! So, I ordered one tube and a week later I got another to keep in my purse. Something that always seems to happen to me is when I love something it goes off the market. So with that thinking, I ordered another 10 or 11 tubes. I love this! I have one in every room of my house and in my purse!”

Amy M.

5-star rating

Age: 23-30

I received a sample in my Ipsy bag and loved it so much that I set up for reoccurring shipments. It is the BEST for chapped lips, dry lips, everything! I put it on every night before bed and my lips are always so soft when I wake up in the morning.

Now that all that’s out of the way, go forth and treat yourself! AKA, go treat those lips. They need TLC year ‘round, rain or shine. Give them what they want: hydration!

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