What are Other Uses for Hanalei’s Island Aloe Gel?

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You might wonder what are other uses for Hanalei’s Island Aloe Gel. Aloe is a super powerful ingredient. Here at Hanalei, it is one of our favorite ingredients to use in our skincare. From its anti-inflammatory to its soothing properties, aloe truly has so many benefits just right for you to incorporate into your skincare routine. Our Island Aloe Gel is one of our favorite products for moisturizing and brightening the skin, but there are so many other uses for it too! We’ve put together a comprehensive list of all of its best benefits, so you can see exactly why you need this product in your life, right now.

Minor Burns and Irritations

It’s no secret that minor burns can be a real pain. The good news is, as a natural anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredient, our Island Aloe Gel is great at helping to soothe those minor burns and irritations to make healing happen faster. That way, you can be more comfortable before you know it.

Hanalei Island Aloe Gel can help sooth minor burns and irritations

Cold Sores on the Nose

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, our Island Aloe Gel has been known to help with ailments like cold sores on the nose. Aloe is a soothing ingredient, so it’s great for helping to reduce pain and inflammation when it comes to things like cold sores.

Irritation caused by Eczema

Due to its soothing properties, our Island Aloe Gel has been found to help people with eczema. Eczema drastically dries out the skin, and our Island Aloe Gel is a powerful moisturizer, so it’s great for helping people with extremely dry skin feel more hydrated.

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Dry Skin—Not Just for the Face

Like we said before, our Island Aloe Gel is a powerful moisturizer. While you might think it’s only good for the face, the truth is, you can use it anywhere on your body you need a little extra hydration. This lightweight moisturizer is great for your skin, all over your body.

Put on Cotton Rounds and Refrigerate for Cooling Eye Pad

For a soothing, cooling way to relax at the end of a long day, this Island Aloe hack has got your back! Put our cool Island Aloe Gel on cotton rounds and stick them in the refrigerator for the day. Then, when you come home, place them on the eyes for a cool relaxation after a long day.

Small Cuts and Scrapes

Our Island Aloe Gel has been found to be helpful in minor first aid needs as well. For minor cuts and scrapes, it’s easy to soothe irritated skin with this anti-inflammatory. Island Aloe Gel is great for helping small injuries to feel better, so you can be back on the go faster.

Soothing for Face Redness and Rashes

As a naturally soothing ingredient, aloe is fantastic for reducing redness. Our Island Aloe Gel is super helpful when it comes to reducing and soothing redness on the face and even rashes. Island Aloe Gel is lightweight, and made for the face, so adding it to your skincare routine to help reduce redness is a no brainer.

Island Aloe Gel For the face testimonial

Helping to Relieve Acne Without Dryness

Our Island Aloe Gel is naturally moisturizing and acts as an anti-inflammatory, so it’s great for helping to relieve pain and redness from acne. When you use it on your acne, you don’t have to worry about it drying out your skin because it’ll add natural hydration and moisture while helping to reduce that painful inflammation.

It Can cools and Soothe Sunburns

It’s common knowledge that aloe is great for helping with sunburns, and the good news is, our Island Aloe Gel is no different. It has been found that this product is amazing at reducing pain and irritation from minor burns and sunburns, and can even help soothe irritated skin so you can be more comfortable throughout your day.

 themoonlightmomma recommends Hanalei Island Aloe Gel for sunburn

Our Island Aloe Gel is a fantastic super skincare product great for helping to soothe your skin and reduce inflammation in a multitude of ways. From sunburns to acne, there are so many reasons to keep some of this gold star product on hand for whenever you may need it.


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