Why is Hawaiian Sugar Cane the Best For Beauty Products?

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Why is Hawaiian sugar cane the best for hanalei beauty products? It is one of our favorite Hawaiian botanicals we use here at Hanalei, but why is it our go-to? Hawaiian Sugar Cane is one of the most popular plants grown on the Hawaiian Islands and it’s used in everything from food to skincare. It’s a natural exfoliant, which is why we love to use it in our Sugar Body Scrub and Sugar Lip Scrub. But Hawaiian Sugar Cane has a deep history that’s worth exploring because after all, it’s so much more than just sweet!

Who brought sugar cane to Hawaii?

Sugar Cane was first brought to the Hawaiian Islands by the first group of people to inhabit the island. The crops were overseen by Captain Hegwood in 1841. After its introduction to the islands, the crop quickly became one of the most popular crops on the islands, creating a business, and even increasing the islands’ population over time.

Hanalei presents the history of Hawaiian Sugar Cane

What are the benefits of Hawaiian Sugar Cane?

Hawaiian Sugar Cane is used in many of our favorite skincare products here at Hanalei. It is full of nutrients like calcium and magnesium. This natural botanical also acts as a natural exfoliant, scrubbing away dry skin to make room for moisture and other nutrients our skin needs. This helps to create healthy skin all over (and of course makes you feel oh so sweet).

How does Hanalei use it in their products?

Hanalei loves Hawaiian Sugar Cane when it comes to incorporating natural Hawaiian botanicals into our products. In particular, we feature it in our Sugar Body Scrub and Sugar Lip Scrub. In both of these products, we use Hawaiian sugar cane as our natural exfoliant. It works to scrub away any dead skin you have on both your body and your lips so that you can make room for moisture, nutrients, and all the good stuff your skin needs.

Hanalei Sugar Body scrub and lip scrub

What other ways can it be beneficial to the body?

Apart from being used as an exfoliant in skincare, the sugarcane itself actually holds a lot of essential nutrients such as calcium and magnesium. This Hawaiian botanical is also known as a way to get both water and sugar to the body without spiking blood sugar levels, as eating it is a natural way to rehydrate while consuming sugar in a far healthier way than processed sugar you might find in stores.

Hawaiian Sugar Cane is a natural botanical that we use as an exfoliant in our skincare products, but that isn’t its only benefit. Sugar Cane has a rich history in Hawaii and is now one of the most popular crops grown on the Islands. From skincare benefits to health benefits, there’s no question why this crop is as popular as it is, and why you should incorporate it into your skincare routine.

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