What Are the Best Face Masks for Summer?

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Warmer weather is on its way and you may be wonder what are the best face masks for summer. Your skin will be facing some major changes as the temperature changes. Face masks are a unique and trendy way to help your skin out, and Hanalei Company has plenty of choices when it comes to finding the right face mask for you. From face masks for hydration to masks made to brighten up your complexion, you’ll find one perfect for what your skin needs when you use the Hanalei Face Sheet Mask Set.

The best kind of face mask can be determined by what your skin is telling you. We tend to pick skincare products based on our skin type, but what about what your skin really needs? Summer means a change in weather and after a dry winter, sudden heat might change everything about your skincare routine. So, pay attention to your skin—is it still dry from the winter months? Is it extra oily because of the heat? No matter what your skin is asking for, Hanalei has a face mask for that!

Cruelty-free sheet mask set by Hanalei Company

Each of Hanalei’s Face Sheet Masks come in a set of 10, so you’ll be able to access whichever one you need whenever you need it. All of Hanalei’s masks are infused with Hawaiian Noni, a natural island botanical known for moisturizing and anti-aging properties. To use one of the Hanalei Face Sheet Masks, simply apply over cleansed skin and leave for 15-20 minutes while you do whatever you love doing. Here’s how to choose the best mask for your skin.

Is your skin dehydrated?

For dehydrated skin, the best mask to go with is our Papaya Face Mask. The Papaya Face Mask is known for its hydration factor, naturally bringing moisture back to a dehydrated face so you can look your best and brightest for those first days of summer.

Hanalei Company Hydrating Papaya Face Mask

Is your skin looking dull or lackluster?

If you’re looking to brighten up that beautiful face for a day in the sun, look no further than the brightening Pineapple Face Mask. Pineapple naturally brings out the best and brightest features on your face, getting your complexion beach-ready in no time.

Brightening Pineapple Face Mask From Hanalei Company

Does your skin need extra moisture?

If your skin needs extra moisture, you might want to reach for our Moisturizing Pear Mask. Pear is a natural moisturizer and is the perfect addition to your skincare routine if you’re looking to get a little more dewiness and natural glow on that beautiful face of yours.

Hanalei Company Pear Face Mask

Is your skin looking irritated?

If your skin needs some assistance with calming down, you’ll want to try our Lychee Mask. Lychee is the perfect fruit for soothing irritated skin.  This treatment is easy to work into your skincare routine with a Hanalei Face Sheet Mask. Working in tandem with Hawaiian Noni, Lychee will provide your skin with all the help it needs so you can start looking and feeling your best again in no time.

Hanalei Company Lychee Face Mask

Does your skin need a detox?

If you need to detoxify your skin, you’ll want to try our sister company’s foaming clay mask. Elizabeth Mott’s One Bad Motha’Foamer carbonated bubble clay mask detoxes your skin with natural clay and activated charcoal, drawing out imperfections. The mask bubbles into a lightweight and clingy foam that detoxes your skin without tight pinching or dripping. Great for smoothing dry and patchy skin, as well as deep cleaning those pores, you can’t go wrong with this light-as-a-feather mask for your next skin detox.

When it comes to choosing the right face mask to add to your skincare routine, the best thing to do is to simply listen to what your skin is telling you. Whether your need hydration or brighter skin, you’ll find the perfect mask for what you need when you get your hands on the Hanalei Face Sheet Mask Set. And before you know it, your skin will be looking and feeling its best for summer.

Sheet masks for all skin types from Hanalei Company

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