What are the Best Ingredients For Lip Balm?

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There are lots of choices and you’re probably wondering what are the best ingredients for lip balm. It’s one of those essential products you just have to keep around all the time and it’s a daily essential. With winter coming to a close, it’s easy for that dry weather to sneak up on you, but it’s also easy to get confused when it comes to choosing the perfect lip balm for your smoocher. The truth is, there is a set of great ingredients that should be included if you’re striving for the softest lips ever. Luckily, Hanalei Company has one just for you, and we’re here to answer all of your pressing questions before you decide what is best for your lips.

What oil is the best for lip balm?

Hanalei’s Kukui Lip Balm is known for one specialty ingredient: Kukui Nut Oil. Hanalei’s products are made unique by including natural Hawaiian botanicals, and kukui nut oil is a company favorite and we’re here to tell you why. Naturally healing and moisturizing, this beneficial ingredient is known for its power to relieve dry skin and restore your natural hydration. Kukui nut oil has been used in medicine for decades, and with the power to naturally heal dry skin, why wouldn’t this ingredient be the perfect choice for the perfect lip balm?

Hanalei Company Kukui Oil Lip Balm

What is the best natural lip moisturizer?

When it comes to lip balms, natural is all the rage these days. And with natural products for your lips popping up everywhere, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by choices. Hanalei Company carries a naturally moisturizing product that’s sure to help your lips feel their best. A lip balm made with only the best ingredients like coconut oil and kukui, you truly can’t go wrong.

What should you expect from Hanalei’s new lip balms?

Hanalei’s lip balms are naturally moisturizing. Made with natural island botanicals, Hanalei’s products are perfect for getting those beautiful moisturized lips you’ve been striving for. You can expect only the best ingredients from Hanalei, they are nourishing, soothing, and relieve dryness.

What flavors or scents do they come in?

As Hanalei’s products are all island-inspired, you could probably guess that the flavors their lip balm comes in are too! Hanalei’s Kukui Lip Balm comes in two flavors: Island Mint and Tropical Citrus. Both are refreshing, moisturizing, and include all of those ingredients that are essential to getting that perfectly moisturized kisser.

Kukui oil lip balm in island mint or tropical citrus by Hanalei Company

Are they cruelty-free?

At Hanalei, we pride ourselves on always creating perfectly cruelty-free and animal-friendly products. We don’t believe in animal testing, so you can rest assured that your lip balm will only have kindness as it’s the main ingredient!

When it comes to finding the perfect lip balm for you, there are so many questions you might have. But the truth is, it all comes down to the ingredients and how it makes your lips feel. Hanalei’s Kukui Lip Balm contains one of the best natural island moisturizers out there—kukui nut oil. When you use this beauty essential, it will soon become your favorite!

Cruelty-free lip balm with Kukui Oil in mint or citrus by Hanalei Company


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