What Is the Best Lip Treatment For Dry Lips?

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If you have dry lips, you probably catch yourself constantly licking your lips or notice that your lips are always peeling. And while dry lips often occur around winter, a number of people experience chapped lips year round. If you feel like you’ve hit a wall when it comes to finding the best lip treatment for dry lips, we’ve got you covered! Here at Hanalei, we’re all about including ingredients in our products that help soothe and moisturize your skin. In fact, our Pumpkin Spice Kukui Oil Lip Treatment features ingredients such as Hawaiian kukui nut oil and shea butter to quench dry, chapped lips. Ahead, we’ve listed key steps for achieving a well-moisturized pout. 

Why Do I Have Dry Lips? 

Before we talk about lip treatments, it’s important to learn why our lips become dry. There are many factors as to why your lips would feel dry such as weather and dehydration. As we mentioned earlier, dry lips usually occur around winter due to a combination of cold air outside and warm heating inside. On the other hand, if you live in an area with warmer weather, there’s a higher chance you’ll experience dehydration. Dehydration is one of the reasons why we experience chapped lips due to loss of moisture. Since lips only have 3 to 5 layers (the skin on your face has up to 16 layers), it’s important to find a lip treatment to help moisturize the thin, delicate barrier. 

Start With A Lip Scrub

Before applying any lip balm, you’ll want to start by exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub. Lip scrubs work to slough off dry skin while smoothing and brightening the skin’s appearance. One of our best-selling products, the Sugar Lip Scrub, helps to moisturize and restore hydration by gently exfoliating your lips. It also includes shea butter, which is a star ingredient when it comes to keeping our skin moisturized. Using a lip scrub before a lip balm will also make it easier to apply your lip treatment since your lips will already have been exfoliated. 

Choose A Lip Treatment With Shea Butter

As we mentioned earlier, shea butter is an important ingredient to look for when it comes to choosing hydrating skincare products. Shea butter is a natural butter that comes from the nut of the African shea tree. Shea butter is also rich in vitamins A and E, making it a nourishing ingredient for your skin. One of our favorite products, the Kukui Oil Lip Treatment, features shea butter as a key ingredient, which will help your lips feel buttery smooth.

Apply Throughout The Day 

To avoid dry lips, you’ll want to apply a lip treatment throughout the day to ensure your pout is moisturized. If you’re someone who travels a lot, you’ve probably noticed your lips feel dry on the airplane. This is due to the low humidity levels on the plane, which often causes chapped lips. Our Kukui Oil Lip Treatment 3-Pack Travel Set is great for helping to keep your lips hydrated when you’re traveling. Available in 5 shades, the travel set rejuvenates dry lips and leaves them feeling ultra-soft. 

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