What is the Difference Between Lip Treatment and Lip Balm?

What is the Difference Between Lip Treatment and Lip Balm by Hanalei

You might have wondered what is the difference between lip treatment and lip balm. Healthy Lips are key for a naturally beautiful face, and with so many different methods for healthy, moisturized lips, you might not know where to start. Here at Hanalei, we love caring for lips in the best way possible, which is why we love our Lip Treatments and Lip Balms. But both products are not one and the same—they’re used for two slightly different beautiful purposes, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to add both to your skincare routine.

The Truth Is - It’s All About The Ingredients

While our Lip Treatment and Lip Balms are different products when it comes to their intended uses, the truth is, both products can work as a lip treatment due to the ingredients Hanalei uses. Here at Hanalei, we pride ourselves on creating products that utilize natural Hawaiian Botanicals so that you can gain the most benefits from your skincare. Both products use Kukui Nut Oil, which is known for its hydrating benefits and its essential fatty acids perfect for relieving dryness.

 Lip Products made with kukui nut oil by Hanalei

How Do You Apply Lip Products?

Applying our lip products is easy as can be! Whether you’re looking to add some Hanalei Kukui Lip Balm to your routine, or try out our Lip Treatment, applying the product is as simple as using it on your lips as needed. With the Lip Treatment, we recommend using it both throughout the day or before bedtime after using our Sugar Lip Scrub for the ultimate moisturizing benefits.

Do Hanalei Lip Products Have A Scent?

We love our lip products at Hanalei, and we love the tropical scents we use to make them smell delicious! While the Lip Treatments are not scented, the Lip Balms are, and the island flavors we use are bound to make you feel like you’ve just been transported to Hawaii! The Lip Balm comes in 5 flavors and you can even get a set that includes all of them. Let your senses travel to Hawaii with Island Mint, Tropical Citrus, Lilikoi, Coconut Pear, and Vanilla scented Lip Balms that are sure to help your lips feel their best!

Buy Hanalei Flavored Lip Balms with Kukui Oil

Some of Hanalei’s Lip Products Are Tinted

While our Lip Balms are not tinted, our Lip Treatments are! We love our tinted lip treatments because they allow you to add a pop of color to your look while helping your lips feel healthier throughout the day. You can get a Lip Treatment in Rose, Red, Mauve Pink, Peach Pink, Sand, and Dragon Fruit. Of course, there is also the Clear Lip Treatment, but the color is what we love the most!

What are the Benefits Of Using Hanalei Lip Products?

Because of the ingredients that Hanalei uses, both products can be considered a lip treatment. Even our Lip Balm is so beneficial for your lips that it does the trick to provide you with healthy lips in the long term. Kukui Nut Oil is a natural moisturizer known for helping with long term hydration and providing vitamins A and C along with essential fatty acids that lead to healthy lips. In the long term, your lips will be overall healthier and more hydrated, especially when you use the products more regularly.

Buy Hanalei Lip Treatment

When it comes to healthy lips, our Lip Balms and Lip Treatment are the way to go! With pure kukui nut oil, you can truly treat your lips throughout the day for healthy hydration that lasts, so that you can go on to be an even more beautiful you.


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