Why Use Cruelty-Free Body Products?

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Why use cruelty-free beauty products? Cruelty-Free is one of those terms that’s becoming more and more popular when it comes to choosing your beauty products. But it’s one that not everyone is familiar with. Why do companies choose to create beauty products? What does it mean exactly? Why is it important to us at Hanalei? It’s one of the labels we wear the most proudly because we don’t believe that beauty and health need to rely on animal testing. But why is it one of our favorite labels we wear? We’ve created this simple guide to help you understand why we don’t test on animals to create the best skincare products for you.

Cruelty To Animals Is Never Ok or Necessary

The fact of the matter is products that use animal testing cause animal cruelty. It’s impossible to test on animals without it being cruel, and creating a product that depends on cruelty is just never okay, and is something Hanalei will never do as a company. The thing is, animal cruelty and testing on animals is simply not necessary when it comes to creating beauty products that work. We’ve created an amazing line of skincare and beauty products that really work and have never been tested on animals.

The Products Are Healthier And Are Made With Carefully Selected Ingredients

When we create a product, we’re creating it with you in mind. That means we’re selecting ingredients that are good for you, and that we love to include in our products, such as our favorite natural Hawaiian botanicals: kukui nut oil. Our kukui nut oil is used in our Kukui Body Lotion, a product that moisturizes, and provides your skin with essential antioxidants and vitamins A and C for the maximum benefits to you, and no cruelty to our animal friends.

You Are Making A Difference By Buying Cruelty-free

When you buy products that don’t harm animals you are voting with your dollar to choose the more ethical product. Buying these products, like our Kukui Body Lotion, allows you to truly make a difference for animals everywhere, as well as making a difference for beauty companies. When you purchase with this in mind you are helping to inspire more kind beauty products in the future.

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What Should You Look For To Know If A Product Is Cruelty-free?

Looking for cruelty-free beauty products if you’re new to the idea can seem overwhelming, but the truth is, it’s actually far easier to find cruelty -free products than you might think. All the products include a special symbol that indicates that the product is not tested on animals. All of Hanalei’s products are certified cruelty-free by PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. This means all of our products are recognized as being ethical products, so you can rest assured that you’re making the right choice by shopping with Hanalei.

When it comes to animal-friendly skincare, it’s so much easier to buy kind and ethical products than you might think. With simple imagery, you’ll be able to choose ethical products that are not only better for you and your skin, but also that are better for the animals.

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