Why Are Botanicals Good in Skincare?

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We’re always looking for new ways to improve our skincare routines, and here at Hanalei, we’re truly dedicated to creating skincare made for your skin. Real Hawaiian botanicals are part of what makes Hanalei’s Hawaiian skincare products so unique. Our botanicals are perfect for helping your skin reach its greatest potential, and we love including them in our products for unique benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

Are botanicals good for your skin?

Botanicals are some of our most essential ingredients here at Hanalei. They come with tons of benefits for your skin, and they come from our local islands, helping us to bring the Hawaiian Islands to you through natural skincare. They’re great at bringing benefits to your skin that you won’t find anywhere else, such as natural moisture from kukui oil and natural exfoliants in Hawaiian sugar cane.

Hawaiian Kukui Nut

What botanicals come from Hawaii?

We love our Hawaiian botanical ingredients, and we have a few that we include in so many products that they’ve become a Hanalei essential! Botanicals are ingredients used in our Hawaiian skincare products that are derived from plants, and these are our favorites.

Kukui Nut Oil is one of our most popular botanicals. It’s a traditional plant used in native Hawaiian medicine, which we use as a natural and lightweight moisturizer in products like our Sugar Lip Scrub and Lip Treatments.

Hawaiian Sugar Cane is an amazing Hawaiian botanical ingredient that we love to use as a natural exfoliator in skincare products like our Sugar Body Scrub and Sugar Lip Scrub.

Hawaiian Noni is another super popular botanical ingredient we love to use in our tropical skincare products. It was used traditionally, just like Kukui Nut Oil, but Noni is known for its antioxidants and anti-aging properties. Find it in our Papaya Enzyme Powder Face Cleanser and Island Aloe Gel.

Papaya Enzyme is a botanical known for its brightening properties, but it’s also great for its ability to reduce wrinkles and moisturize skin, which is why we use it in our Papaya Enzyme Powder Face Cleanser and Island Aloe Gel.

Papaya Skincare

Can botanicals be moisturizing?

The thing about botanicals is that they offer all natural solutions to problems many people try to fix with chemicals, and it isn’t any different when it comes to moisturizer! We love using moisturizing botanicals in our Hawaiian natural skincare, and our favorites are Kukui Nut Oil and Papaya Enzyme. You can find moisturizing botanical ingredients in our face cleansers, Kukui Body Lotion, and Island Aloe Gel, just to name a few!

Are they good for acne?

Our favorite botanicals for reducing acne are Papaya Enzyme and Hawaiian Noni. When these two ingredients work together, they’re providing your skin with benefits unique to our products. From anti-aging, to anti-wrinkles, to brightening and cleansing, you’ll get everything you need from these two unique botanical ingredients. And on top of that, you can find both in our favorite Powder Face Cleansers, which means you can get all those benefits just from washing your face.

Hawaiian botanicals

Can you exfoliate with them?

Our botanicals are amazing exfoliating ingredients. We love Hawaiian Cane Sugar in our Sugar Body Scrub and Sugar Lip Scrub as a naturally sweet exfoliator, but Papaya Enzyme also works as a master exfoliator in our Papaya Enzyme Powder Face Cleanser. These are natural exfoliators made to gently buff away dry skin, without causing damage.

Do they help with anti-aging?

Hawaiian Noni is our star anti-aging ingredient when it comes to our favorite botanicals, but Papaya Enzyme’s anti-wrinkle properties come in as a close second. These two botanicals are essential to preventing the effects of aging, and reducing wrinkles that are already there.

Hawaiian skincare secrets

We absolutely love our botanicals, and pride ourselves on using ones that are here to benefit everyone. We are constantly getting inspired by Hawaii and its Islands and by adding these essential botanicals to our Hawaiian skincare products, we’ve made it possible for you to experience Hawaii’s beauty, no matter where you live.

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