Top-rated Body Products to Help with Dry Skin in Winter

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Winter is here and with colder weather, our skin is guaranteed to be at least a little drier than normal. When we aren’t exposed to humid and hotter weather, our skin’s natural moisture evaporates faster, making it easier for us to feel dry and flaky. Luckily, there are so many products made to help with this so you feel fresh and smooth for a confident day, no matter what this winter blows our way.

Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub

If you’re looking for a power exfoliator, this all-over body scrub is the perfect product to add to your shower routine. This Sugar Body Scrub is made to buff away any dry and damaged skin so that any moisturizer and benefits can penetrate the skin and give you the ultimate hydration. It is made with pure Hawaiian cane sugar to help your skin exfoliate and kukui nut oil to help add natural moisture to your body and benefit your skin.

Hanalei Moisturizing Sugar Body Scrub

Kukui Oil Body Lotion

For healthy and soft skin, our Kukui Body Lotion is truly the product you should add to your routine. This body lotion is full of beautiful Hawaiian botanicals, as well as essential vitamins A and C. You’ll also find anti-inflammatory properties that come with the addition of aloe vera, so when dry weather comes, don’t stress, your skin will be well-taken care of with this beautiful lotion. This is also an amazing product to pair with the Sugar Body Scrub—adding both to your routine is sure to bring smooth, healthy, hydrated skin your way fast!

Moisturizing Sugar Lip Scrub

If your lips feel a little dry this holiday season, don’t fret—just like you exfoliate your body, you can easily exfoliate your lips too! Our Sugar Lip Scrub uses the same kukui oil and cane sugar as the Sugar Body Scrub to exfoliate your lips and add essential moisture so that your kiss can be oh so smooth all winter long.

Hanalei Moisturizing Sugar Lip Scrub For Dry lips


Kukui Nut Oil Lip Treatment

For adding even more moisture to your lips after you exfoliate, make sure this Lip Treatment is part of your routine. It is perfect for adding much-needed moisture back to your lips, and with plenty of colored tints and a clear option, you’ll love knowing that you can leave this on all day or all night and end up with beautifully healthy and hydrated lips.

Exfoliate and Moisturize Set

Want to implement more moisture into your day, but aren’t quite sure where to start? Our Exfoliate and Moisturize Set has our three favorite exfoliating and moisturizing products so that you can start on this smooth skin journey quickly and easily. These three products work together to help you get super soft skin this winter, no matter how cold and dry it feels outside.

Hanalei Exfoliating and Moisturizing lip and body products

Feeling hydrated when the air is cold it’s sometimes really hard, but with these amazing and moisturizing products, you’ll find that your skin no longer hates winter! Just make sure to exfoliate, moisturize, and let your skin soak it all up!

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